Farming up to 48,000 Gil per Battle

This is some information I compiled together to help you gather gil at an efficient rate of up to 48000 gil per battle. The info has been collected from various sources, but most of the credit goes to Kouli, who gave me the initial idea to begin with.

First, the requirements:

  • AF100 Bresha Ruins unlocked

  • Reasonably well developed characters and a good monster with the Commando role (Chichu for example)

  • Must have beaten the game

The following is highly recommended, but not necessary:

  • Encounter Master fragment skill - increases or decreases the chance of random encounter

  • Battlemania fragment skill - increases the chances of rare enemies popping up

  • Master Clock fragment skill - speeds the game up, or slows it down

You’ll also need a Gold/Silver Chocobo , which are found in AF700 Dying World in a concealed treasure cube, north of the bridge leading to the western area. Just follow the border and you’ll find it. The Silver Chocobo is found in 4XX Academia in the HQ. You will need Moogle Throw to get it.

As for Chichu, it can be found in the Archylte Steppe. Go south from the nomad settlement and look for a patch of red flowers in the grass. Once found, toss Mog into the patch a few times and Chichu is yours.

Let’s begin.

  1. Level up your Golden/Silver Chocobo until it’s at level 45, which is its max level. A Maxed out Gold/Silver Chocobo has A speed and A stamina, making it a very good candidate to winning chocobo races in the Casino.

  2. Keep winning races until you get to the Fal’Cie class - here aim for a race called “ Dahaka’s Stake “. If the race doesn’t appear, you can use certain items to refresh the race list and see if it comes up.

  3. Obtain 2x Collector’s Catalog by winning the race “Dahaka’s Stake”.

  4. Obtain 4x Sunpetal , which is a rare drop from Microchu. These guys can be found in Archylte steppe, west region, during the rains.

  5. Obtain 4x Phoenix Blood , which can be bought at the casino for 1600 chips (equivalent of 16000 gil).

  6. Go to Archylte Steppe’s Chocolina shop and buy two units of Durable Collector’s Catalog for 40000 gil.

  7. The properties of an upgraded Collector’s Catalog are: increased chance of getting rare item, more gil dropped by enemies (stacks!), and getting more items.

Even more stacking for gil bonuses!

  1. If you want even more Gil from the fights infuse Gilfinder II onto a monster that you can finish the fight with (it has to be in the active party at the time the battle ends for the bonus to work). Gilfinder stacks with the gil bonus effects of Collector Catalogs.

  2. Gilfinder II can be infused off these monsters at the level written: Moblin level 1, Buccaboo level 20, Buccaboo Ace level 33, Munchkin Maestro level 33, Ceratoraptor level 90, Ceratosaur level 86, Gancanagh level 20. Now for the bonanza. 1. Go to AF100 Bresha Ruins and equip both upgraded Collector’s Catalog. 2. If you have them, turn on Master Encounter, Battle Mania and Master Clock frag-skills. Also play on Normal Mode.

  3. Roam around and avoid unnecessary encounters by running from them. Wait for a black sphere to pop up, causing the screen to go black-and-whitish. This means that Don Tonberry has spawned.

  4. Approach the sphere and whack it to get a Pre-emptive Strike on Don.

  5. Don is not a terribly difficulty opponent to defeat, and can take you about 90 seconds to kick its ass (the stronger you are, the faster you can defeat it).

  6. Now the battle spoils! If you get a 5* ranking, you get Rare drop 320% Up and Item drop 500% Up. Don itself drops 18360 gil, Scarletite in 99% cases, and in rare instances Hermes Sandals.

  7. With the Haggler fragment skill active, Scarletite can be sold for 18700 gil, and Hermes Sandals for 11000 gil.

  8. In the end, your net profit can be 48060 gil per battle.

Farming 144,000 Gil in less than five minutes

Much of the preparations for this tip are the same as the previous farming tip.

The requirements:

  • AF??? Archylte Steppe unlocked - Reasonably well developed characters and a good monster with the Commando role

  • Master Clock fragment skill is useful, but not required

-2 units of Durable Collector’s Catalog

  • Weapons with ATB+50% speed up (won from Immortal) help immensely

Now for the bonanza.

  1. Go to AF??? Archylte Steppe and equip two upgraded Collector’s Catalog.

  2. If you have it, turn on Master Clock fragment skill. Also play on Easy Mode.

  3. Make stormy weather and grab a chocobo. West from a crystal gate is a high pillar, on which you can jump from the ledge to the south while on a chocobo (hold Circle to glide). When you land on top of the pillar, Serah auto-dismounts the chocster, Yomi appears and the battle begins.

  4. Now the battle spoils - with two Collector’s Catalogs equipped, you get a staggering 144000 gil! With one CC you get 96000 gil (tested and confirmed).

  5. Battling Yomi will also yield the elusive Trapezohedron , which is needed for weapons with an additional ATB bar.

When Yomi’s history, leave to the Historia Crux, come back to the Steppe and flip either switch two times to return to stormy weather, causing Yomi to reappear. Rinse and repeat.

Chichu the Killing Machine


Warp to AF??? Archylte Steppe, then go south from the nomad settlement and look for a small patch of red flowers in the field of grass. Toss Mog in that patch at least two times to get Chichu (you may obtain an adornment first, so that’s why you need to try twice sometimes). Once you obtain Chichu, start feeding it with materials that raise STR .


Here’s an example of stats for a good Chichu build. Level 70, 5830 HP, 1520 ATK, 460 MAG, ATB Level 6 [HP/ATK/MAG can vary*1] Passive skills: HP +30%, Role Resonance, Str +35%, Auto-Bravery, Resist Physical +36%, Resist Magical +36%, Attack: ATB Charge II, Siphon Boost II, Feral Speed II, Pack Mentality


  • Hard to kill: HP+30%, 36% resistance to all attacks

  • High attack: Strong base attack, ATK+35%, Auto-Bravery, Role Resonance*2

  • Fast Attack: ATB Charge II + Siphon Boost II (quicker than Auto-Haste)


In order for Chichu to learn Jeopardize (its hidden auto-ability), you need to infuse Chichu with RAV monsters whose combined level equals 99 or more. Once you do that, Jeopardize is auto-learnt. The best way is infusing Chichu with six level 17 Zwerg Scandroids . They require only level 1 materials to be raised, and don’t have any transferrable passives until they hit level 18. Alternatively, you can do it the way I did - capture several different RAV monsters, and raise their levels until you hit their first transferrable passive ability.

Second you need to capture 9 monsters. Here you have their names, monster role, HP when fought as an enemy and general encounter spot.

  • Orion , COM, 16600 HP, AF200 Augusta Tower

  • Mud Frog , RAV, 36600 HP, west Archylte Steppe (rain, sunny, windy)

  • Tonberry , COM, 393939 HP, AF300 Bresha Ruins

  • Mewmao , SYN, 21960 HP, west Archylte Steppe (rain)

  • Green Chocobo , MED, 146400 HP, AF100 Yaschas Massif

  • Major Moblin , SEN, 61000 HP, west Archylte Steppe (rain, sunny, windy)

  • Forked Cat , SAB, 24400 HP, AF400 Oerba, beach

  • Fencer , RAV, 15680 HP, AF400 Academia*3

  • Frag Leech , COM, 3250 HP, AF200 Oerba, beach

Once you capture all monsters listed, level them up in the Crystarium.

  • Orion to level 14 (Adrenaline)

  • Mud Frog to level 19

  • Tonberry to level 24 (ATK+35%)

  • Mewmao to level 23 (36% resistance to magic damage)

  • Green Chocobo to level 48 (36% resistance to physical damage)

  • Major Moblin to level 40 (Auto-Bravery)

  • Forked Cat to level 54 (HP+30%)

  • Fencer to level 18 (Siphon Boost II*4)

  • Frag Leech to level 30 (Role Resonance)

Next, go to the Monsters menu, and proceed exactly as shown here!

  • Select level 70 Chichu.

  • Infuse Chichu with level 16 Orion.

  • Infuse Chichu with level 15 Buccaboo = 15 level in RAV.

  • Infuse Chichu with level 15 Buccaboo Ace = 30 level in RAV.

  • Infuse Chichu with lv15 Pink Lily = 45 level in RAV.

  • Infuse Chichu with lv15 Pleuston = 60 level in RAV.

  • Infuse Chichu with lv6 Koboldroid Yang = 66 level in RAV.

  • Select level 19 Mud Frog.

  • Infuse Mud Frog with level 24 Tonberry.

  • Infuse Mud Frog with level 23 Mewmao.

  • Infuse Mud Frog with level 48 Green Chocobo.

  • Infuse Mud Frog with level 40 Major Moblin.

  • Infuse Mud Frog with level 54 Forked Cat.

  • Select level 70 Chichu.

  • Infuse Chichu with level 19 Mud Frog = 85 level in RAV.

  • Infuse Chichu with level 18 Fencer = 103 level in RAV (Jeopardize learnt).

  • Infuse Chichu with level 30 Frag Leech.

  • You’re done!*5

*1 Statistics can vary depending on what materials you used when leveling up.

*2 Phys. damage +20% if 2 COM on team, phys. damage +10% if 1 COM on team.

*3 Only three units of this enemy exist. Save before fighting it, and reload if you’re unsuccessful in capturing it. Otherwise you’ll need to do Time Reversal on AF400 Academia for three new units of this enemy.

*4 ATB charges faster when attacking.

*5 You’re welcome to choose other abilities based on your taste. Some players might prefer Chichu to learn Ruinga or other useful abilities. The choice is totally up to you.


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