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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 12-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-07-2020 / 13:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 03-08-2020 / 20:11 GMT

The Marketplace

From the start, jump left to get the Awakening #2 puzzle piece. You can check out the Item Shop and the Synthesis Shop. Turning in some items here will get you an Elixir . You can spot another puzzle piece above the shop but you can't reach it quite yet. Head down the steps into the Borough where Dusks will attack. After you defeat them you'll get the Marketplace Map. Start by jumping up the ledge to the southwest to snag an AP Boost (2/5) from the chest.

Continue along the upper level to a chest with a Drive Recovery (1/5). From here you can spot another chest on this level for a Mythril Shard (4/5) and across from it Awakening #3 . There's another piece you can spot but can't quite reach yet. Jump down and open two more chests -- a Dark Shard (5/5) and a Hi-Potion (3/5). Head to Merlin's House to trigger a scene; you'll receive a Membership Card and receive the Blizzard element. Before you leave, jump off Merlin's bed and swing to grab Awakening #1 . If you didn't notice, you'll be fighting Samurai now.

Monster - Samurai

Samurai are very patient and often wait to counter Sora with a flurry of swipes. The Reaction Command Duel Stance has a stare down between Sora and the Samurai. The command list goes blank then "The End" appears. Choosing it defeats the Samurai in a single hit.

You finally have access to Magic (left) which is very useful going forward. Samurai (right) have a distinct Reaction Command which, if successful, can instantly kill them.

To the Bailey

Head up the stairs and into the Bailey for a scene. Organization XIII members summon Nobodies that try to break down the door; your objective is to fight them off and protect it. This task could be a little tough but just remember to use Duel Stance on the Samurai so you can beat them in a single hit. Don't be afraid to spam Blizzard to push the Dusks and Creepers back. After the battle you'll start a scene that results in learning Fire and acquiring Secret Ansem's Report 7.

Before leaving you can head back to the Bailey to get Two Sides #7. You can also level up Valor Form a bit by fighting in the Borough and returning to the Save Point then heading to the World Map before the Drive Gauge depletes. This will let you go back and have a full Drive Gauge again. Convenient. If you get to Level 3 Valor Form, you'll learn High Jump Lv 2 which should let you get the Heart #6 puzzle piece. Head through the Asteroid Sweep to reach the Land of Dragons.

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    12 January 2015
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    22 July 2020
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Kingdom Hearts II begins where Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days leave off. Sora and his companions have been asleep for about a year, regaining their memories. When Sora awakens, he eventually arrives in Twilight Town, the place where a mysterious boy, Roxas, lived before he suddenly left. Gaining new clothes and powers, Sora began his journey anew, unaware of the events that have taken place in Chain of Memories. Sora continues his quest by unlocking paths to new worlds, learning of Nobodies and fighting the Heartless, as well as facing the remaining members of the mysterious Organization XIII. As the game progresses, Sora learns about Roxas and how much they have in common.

Birth By Sleep is the origins of the series' hero and villain, Sora and Xehanort, and delves deep into the mysteries of Xehanort's bleak past and forgotten memories as well as how Sora and Riku came to wield the Keyblade in the first place. It deals with three Keyblade Wielders: Terra, Aqua and Ventus and each character has their own scenario.

Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep will take you to many places and we have them all covered here. Inside you will find:

  • Complete walkthrough coverage for both Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep.
  • Side quests covered in detail from Absent Silhouettes to Atlantica.
  • Gummi ship missions and details.
  • Mirage Arena covered extensively.
  • Mini-games discussed and much, much more.

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