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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 12-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 07-12-2019 / 13:51 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Guide

1 month ago · Guide Information

Terras Story

Radiant Garden

Tracking Vanitas

Terra is thrown into combat immediately against Unversed. Two new enemies have shown their face this time around, the Tank Topper and the Chrono Twister. The Tank Topper will become invulnerable once hit and will explode for massive damage, unless it’s immobilized via Magnet, Stop, Zero Gravity or hit from the back (its valve). The Chrono Twister will cast Stopga on Terra and essentially spell doom on harder difficulty levels. The best way to avoid this is to make the Chrono Twisters your priority with high level attacks such as Fission Firaga or Mega Flare (if you melded it already).

Search for two chests holding Hi-Potion and Potion then use the jump and swing technique to grab the Flying Balloon Sticker . Exit at the eastern end to view a scene of Merlin then afterwards examine the book to unlock The Hundred-Acre Woods Command Board . Open the chest for a Shimmering Crystal then leave to see a large Unversed pass nearby. Grab the Radiant Garden Map from the chest and check out the shop if you need.

Finding Old Friends

Go north to the Fountain Court and drop down to the base level. In one of the corners by the steps will be Prize Pods and in the opposite end of the court is a chest with a Panacea . Use the fountains to make your way to the top of the area. At the middle area you can drop off to the right to reach the top right corner of the map where two chests are located containing Fleeting Crystal and Thunder Surge . Unfortunately, you can’t reach the Dale Sticker right now so continue onward to the Aqueduct.

Climb to the top of the Aqueduct and open the chest for Blackout and an Esuna . Further down the tunnel you will find another chest with a Hi-Potion inside. Load up on some high attack commands in preparation for the boss in the next area then make your way to it.

There are a couple of new enemies here (left). Search every corner here to grab some great loot (right).

BOSS - Trinity Armor

Ventus and Aqua make an appearance here but don’t help out too much in combat. Focus on taking out the legs first with high level commands or the Shotlock. Move on to the arms only after the legs have been dealt with and watch out for the sweeping energy beams. You can dash through them to get behind the boss and deal some good close range damage. Trinity Armor will separate itself after the first wave of energy beams, be sure to keep your distance so that you can dodge the barrage of attacks. Once the limbs are gone pummel the body to end the fight.

Destroying the appendages on Trinity Armor (left) will make it easier to kill him. Watch out for the energy beam attack (right).


Prize Category Name
Power Up Maximum HP Up
Command Style Rockbreaker
Item Disney Town Pass

After the fight everyone goes their own separate ways. Make your way back to the Central Square and travel south to the Outer Gardens. There are two chests with Fira and Pulsing Crystal inside, but you can’t reach the Airplane Sticker near the gate. Go through the middle section to reach the Purification Facility and make sure you have a good healing spell equipped.

BOSS - Braig

You begin this fight with Braig targeting you with his gun. Once you get the timing down you can deflect the bullets back at him with a successful Block. If you can’t block them you can always dash around to avoid them. After a few shots Braig will come down to fight you close-range. Listen for him to shout "Reload!" and unleash your best commands on him otherwise use your Shotlock and other commands. Use the long-range phase to heal yourself if you start to get low on health.

Braig will snipe you from afar sometimes (left) but if you time your guards well, you can block the damage. Using Shotlocks (right) is a good idea if you are having trouble.


Prize Category Name
Power Up Deck Capacity +1
Shotlock Dark Volley
Item Xehanort's Report 2
After the scene return to the Radiant Garden and go back to where you just fought Braig. Loot the two chests for a **Mega-Potion** and **Chaos Crystal** . Three more worlds have opened up but it is recommended to go to Disney Town first.

Unversed Mission - Diet Tank

Location : Outer Gardens

Reward : Illusion D

1 Star : 2’00"00+

2 Star : 1’00"00 - 1’59"59

3 Star : 0’00"00 - 0’59"59

The objective is to shrink the Diet Tank by hitting the valve on the back. Load up with Thunder Surge commands then start the challenge. The Diet Tank will shoot up into the air but just lock-on and Guard but don’t use a counter. Instead use a Thunder Surge to deal massive damage and force the Diet Tank back into the air. Chase it down and keep using a Guard -> Thunder Surge combo to win.

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    12 January 2015
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