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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 12-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 07-12-2019 / 15:07 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Guide

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Side Quests

Lingering Will/Enigmatic Soldier

"Aqua…Ven…Keyblade…Who are you? I can feel it…we have met before. But when…No…it isn’t you…It isn’t you that I have chosen. Why isn’t it him? Xe-ha-nort. Is that you?..Xeha-nort. Xehanort!"

One Day I Will Set This Right

The Lingering Will is an unlockable secret boss. To unlock him you must first unlock "The Gathering" which means beating the game and completing all worlds. Upon returning to the save file you can visit Disney Castle’s Hall of the Cornerstone where a portal to the Keyblade Graveyard appears. The Lingering Will is the spirit of Terra, calling out for Aqua and Ventus, his companions shown in The Gathering. He confuses Sora for someone else, Xehanort, then attacks!

Recommended Equipment/Abilities

Equip : Decisive Pumpkin, Highest Ribbon, Ribbon x2, Cosmic Chain

Accessories : Cosmic Ring x2, Cosmic Arts x2

Abilities : Guard, Upper Slash, Finishing Leap, Horizontal Slash, Slapshot, Flash Step, Slide Dash, Guard Break, Aerial Dive, Air Spiral, Air Finish, Guard Counter, Air Recovery, Combo Master, Combo Plus (2), Air Combo Plus (2), Reaction Boost, Finishing Plus, Damage Drive, Form Boost (2), Summon Boost (1), Damage Drive, MP Haste, MP Hastera, Magnet Splash, Explosion

BOSS - Lingering Will

This is arguably the toughest boss battle in the Kingdom Hearts series and as such will be covered more extensively than any other boss battle. Note the attacks below so you can best this incredibly difficult foe. There isn’t really a general strategy other than dodge and counter so you need to master defending the attacks that Lingering Will throws at you.

The first thing you need to know about attacking is that doing more combos in a row produces more damage for each Finisher. That is, doing a single combo may yield only 10 damage but the next one will do 20, so on and so forth. This is great news because your damage starts out weak but adds up so it makes sense to string combos. You need to get to five then prepare to go on the defensive because Lingering Will won’t allow more than that. If you get a string of combos going and do not follow through to five then Desperation is used.

The attack used first dictates how the battle will go. Sliding Dash, the Keyblade Thrust, and Ultima Cannon as the first moves typically lend to an easier battle as these moves are used often. If Keyblade Glider or either Curse is used first, then those moves will be used more often and it is a much more difficult fight.

Sliding Dash

This is the most basic attack that Lingering Will uses and should be dodged with a Dodge Roll or Quick Run. It is easy to avoid, so time where the third and final dash ends so you are nearby and able to counter with a combo of your own.

Keyblade Thrust

When Lingering Will rushes towards Sora and turns the Keyblade sideways he will thrust forward for a combo finisher. When his arm goes back to start the combo is when you should use Guard or Reflect. This will stop the combo, but you must wait until the thrust is completed before Lingering Will is vulnerable agian. Attacking too early could be costly.

Keyblade Glider (left) can be dodged just as he swooshes towards you. Keyblade Thrust (right) should be guarded just as his arm goes up to stop the combo.

Impetuous Whip

This vicious attack is often used following Sliding Dash or after taking a heavy combo. Lingering Will turns his Keyblade, End of the Earth, into a whip and swings it around rapidly dealing heavy damage. It’s best to just run away from this attack and wait for Lingering Will to float back to the ground so you can continue your assault, but it’s possible to Guard or use Reflect. If this attack really frustrates you and catches you a lot, use a Drive Form to go invulnerable or a Limit.

Ultima Cannon

This is Terra’s Ultima Cannon Shotlock from Birth By Sleep. Lingering Will turns the Keyblade into a cannon and fires a sphere of energy that will chase Sora around the map and deal huge damage. If you stand close, just use Guard and send the sphere right back dealing decent damage and leaving the enemy vulnerable. If you are far away, Quick Run or Dodge Roll towards the attack to negate the damage from the explosion.

Impetuous Whip (left) deals massive damage so dash far away when you see it. Ultima Cannon (right) can be guarded if you are close or dodged towards if far away to negate the explosion.

Draining Arrow

An attack that traps Sora in a seal, rapidly draining his health. The Command Bar changes and you’ll need to choose "Release" to break free. This is very similar to the Unknown (Xemnas) attack in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. You can dodge the initial snare by using Dodge Roll or Reflect; he will fire three times at normal health and five times when critical. When the Keyblade reverts back, Lingering Will is vulnerable for a combo.

Draining Arrow (left) can be dodged just as the arrow comes close. Desperation (right) is signalled by the sky darkening and Lingering Will charging up. Limit Form can help to avoid the flurry of attacks.

Keyblade Glider

Lingering Will transforms the Keyblade into a Keyblade Glider then races around at a high speed. It’s not difficult to Guard against, but if you are having trouble then use Final Form and just Glide around. The Keyblades protect Sora from harm.

Enchanting Curse

This is a magical attack that Lingering Will uses to create an Orange Orb to lock Sora’s attack or a Blue Orb to lock magic and items. To break this curse you must deplete a new smaller HP bar. You can only harm Lingering Will based on his orb color, blue allows attacks and orange allows magic – you can still use Drive Forms during this curse. Like any attack, it is recommended to Dodge Roll, Reflect, or Quick Run to avoid it but the timing is very difficult though it is indicated by Lingering Will flying at high speed attempting to land behind Sora.

Phase Two

Plasma Drones

This phase starts with the Plasma Drones, usually around 75% life. The Lingering Will warps away and summons drones that should be Guarded or Reflected. The drones charge for a second before firing, so it’s also possible to Dodge Roll just before taking the blast. Lingering Will does come back after the first waves of drones so you will need to contend with his other attacks as well. The drones can be destroyed with Aerial Dodge.

Enchanting Curse (left) causes either your attack commands to become locked or your magic and items. Plasma Drones (right) are used later in the fight and can be used while Lingering Will is present too.


Lingering Will begins an attack similar to Saix’s Berserk. He begins with a charge-up then dashes for a normal combo; it’s very easy to Guard and the timing doesn’t need to be super accurate to defend. Once the combo ends you need to Glide away to get some distance since you can’t defend the next flurry anyway. The third and final flurry can be Guarded, you’ll just need to watch Lingering Will teleport then quickly Lock-On and Guard. After the first three slashes perform a Dodge Roll to avoid a flailing assault. The initial slashes can be Dodge Roll avoided as well and the final assault is easy to time with Reflect. Additionally, if you can’t get the timing right just use Limit Form and use Sonic Blade to remain invulnerable.

This is the most difficult string of attacks to avoid. It can be made easier by running to the corner of the map, but don’t get frustrated and practice your timing to survive this onslaught.


In addition to the previous moves, Phase Two brings in some magic attacks that should simply be avoided. It’s possible to block the Blizzaga but the Magnega obviously draws Sora in, so Glide away.

Rewards : Drive Gauge +1 (Sora), HP +4 (Donald), HP +5 (Goofy)

After the battle you will receive Connection’s Proof . This puts a crown on Sora’s head or upgrades the one he is wearing.


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