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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 12-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 31-05-2020 / 09:58 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Guide

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Terras Story

Disney Town

Becoming a Racer

After the opening scene is complete, talk to Chip 'n' Dale to start the races. Stick close to the walls as you race and hit the ramp on the right side for a nice shortcut. Remember to hit square while holding X to take turns without losing too much speed. You should be able to pull off a first place finish if you hit the ramp every time.


Prize Category Name
Command Board Toon Board (Disney Town)
Mirage Arena Rumble Racing
Item Hi-Potion

After the scene you are taken back to the World Map, but go back to Disney Town as there is a lot to do. Talk to Huey at the Ice Cream Shop to turn in your Ice Cream ingredients. You might be able to make a few things if you've been fighting the Prize Pods. Search for two chests in the plaza; one holds the Disney Town Map and the other a Potion . Smack the mailbox for a Confetti then head west to the Raceway. Grab the two chests that are available to you for an Abounding Crystal and Payback Fang then you can try the next Unversed Mission.

Hit this ramp (left) during the race for a nice shortcut. Beneath Disney Town is a place where you must use Thunder spells (right) to access some items.

Unversed Mission - Ringer Pot

Location : Raceway

Reward : Illusion P

1 Star: 0-19

2 Star : 20-39

3 Star: 40+

This is a pretty clean cut challenge. Hit the right Ringer Pot and score points for each Ringer Pot on the field -- hit the wrong one and gain one point but lose 5 seconds. With High Jump this becomes much easier so you can get up the ledges faster but this one simply takes practice. With Terra, use the Ventus D-Link to speed him up a little bit and dash around as much as you can.

Item Collection Resumed

Go down the manhole to the Gizmo Gallery. Clear the bottom floor of Unversed and open the two chests each containing a Thunder . Equip all the Thunder element commands you have and go to the yellow box in the corner. Use Thunder commands on it to make the bar reach the right side and put the gears in place. Ride the first one up and jump across to a ledge with two chests containing an Absolute Zero and a Mega-Potion.

Ride the Mickey elevator back up to the gear and jump on the hand to another set of gears. Wait for the Mickey face to retract then jump on the hands and Air Glide if needed to reach the right area. Open the chests for Action Recipe and a Chaos Crystal. Go back up the original elevator and, when you reach the second set of gears, go left this time and dodge the Mickey faces then jump and Air Glide to the ledge with the chest holding a Panacea . Jump down from here towards the sticker and Air Glide in to it for the Pete Sticker. Get back to that ledge and go to Pete's Rec Room.

In this room you become a pinball and your objective is to grab four chests. You can Air Slide while being launched around so use this to reach the chests: one in the center, one to the left of the ring of bumpers, one to the right far above the bumpers, and the last one is high up in the center. To open the gate in the middle you have to hit all the blue bumpers marked with a crown. Finding all the chests nets you a Chaos Crystal, Zero Gravira, Aerial Slam and Break Time . From the top chest exit to the Raceway and open the chest for a Slot Edge . That's it for what you can accomplish in this area with the exception of the mini-games. You can get some pretty decent items from them right now, to include an upgrade in the Keyblade department. Consult the mini-games section for more details. Head over to the Olympus Coliseum when you are ready.

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