Conquering the Tournament

Talk to Panic at the Underworld Entrance and choose the first tournament. The Drive Gauge can’t be used but Limits consume less MP than usual in this cup, so equip some Limits! Comet is useful and could be the only Limit you can really use at this point but it helps and it is better than nothing. The best times to use the limits are Round 4, for the Hot Rods, and Round 7, for the Assault Riders, though you can use them on Round 5 and 6 as well if you have trouble. The real test comes in the form of Leon and Yuffie.

Round Enemies
1 Shadow x5, Hook Bat x5
2 Large Body x1, Minute Bomb x6
3 Rabid Dog x5, Soldier x2
4 Hot Rod x2, Soldier x2
5 Rapid Thruster x5, Bolt Tower x2, Hook Bat x4
6 Gargoyle Warrior x3, Minute Bomb x4, Lance Soldier x4
7 Soldier x2, Aeroplane x2, Rabid Dog x1, Aeroplane x4, Assault Rider x2
8 Rapid Thruster x??
9 Gargoyle Knight x2, Creeper Plant x4
10 Leon and Yuffie

BOSS - Leon and Yuffie

To beat this duo you’ll want to focus on Leon first. He’s easier to hit and does more damage than Yuffie. Using Limits here is key since they can be the Combo Finisher you need to defeat them once they only have 1 HP remaining. Block when Leon uses his overhead swing then counter with a full combo. Yuffie is a bit annoying because she whirls around the room and vanishes often, forcing you to retarget her. Use Comet to easily force her into a combo she can’t break out of and finish her.

Trophy icon

Win the Pain and Panic Cup.


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