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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 12-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 31-05-2020 / 06:19 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Guide

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Aquas Story

Castle of Dreams

After completing the tutorial and choosing Aqua you are taken to the day she seeks her Mark of Mastery. The task is to defeat the Orbs of Light, fast moving balls that will emit light if left alone for too long. You can basically hack and slash through this using your abilities as you see fit. If the Orbs of Light ever get too far away, simply use Aqua's Shotlock to close the distance and destroy a few.


Prize Category Name
Power Up Maximum HP+
Command Style Spellweaver
Dimension Link Ventus
Dimension Link Terra

After the battle and a few cutscenes you will be taken to the World Map -- the Keyblade Board (Land of Departure) will be unlocked in the Command Board. When you are ready head over to the Castle of Dreams.

Searching for Clues

As Aqua arrives in the Castle of Dreams she runs into Terra. Grab treasures around the room for a Fleeting Crystal, Barrier Surge, Potion and the Thunderstorm Shotlock . The Fireworks Sticker can also be found in the middle of the top area near the steps. Enter the Ballroom to the north for a scene and re-equip Aqua's Command Deck as you will be fighting enemies from here on out. Thunderstorm should be equipped (or Ragnarok if you get it from the Command Board) instead of Aqua's base Shotlock.

Head south through the Foyer and the Corridor in to the Palace Courtyard. There are three chests here containing a Hi-Potion, Slow and a Potion . The Bubble Sticker can be reached if you jump and swing the Keyblade at the peak of your jump. If you can't reach it, just get it later when you have High Jump. South from here is the Forest, further down is The Chateau. Run around the side and snag the Magic Recipe from the chest then approach the front door. Speak with the Fairy Godmother when you are ready to help out Jaq.

The objective is to escort Jaq to his hole. You can help him with Square if he is in danger but otherwise you need to defeat the Unversed quickly and keep them away from him. Slow and Barrier Surge should aid you in keeping them off Jaq.

Aqua is more magic-focused (left) than the other two. Protecting Jaq (right) is just like before when you have protected other characters.


Prize Category Name
Command Style Thunderbolt
After the scenes you are returned outside. Use the save point and shop as you need then head to the Forest for a boss fight.

BOSS - Cursed Coach

The Cursed Coach is the first boss and will test your knowledge of Aqua, her strengths, and weaknesses. Equip a bunch of Magic Commands like Fire and Blizzard. Reflect Blitz is also a good technique, you can use it from the start to get some quick hits in. You'll want to utilize more of a hit and elude tactic with Aqua, her strength is in her Magic Commands not up in the face of the enemy with the Keyblade. Her Shotlock is a great weapon for this battle as well and you'll want to use it when the Cursed Coach is idling.

Stay on your toes for the Cursed Coach's attack. You can use Barrier when facing the Vine Whip or Vine Spin, countering with Reflect Blitz, but you will need to dodge the Bounce attack because the shockwaves cause damage. Cursed Coach may summon some Thornbites, just take care of them quickly or let them linger if you need some health, though you should resort to D-Link for healing. The Pumpkin Bomb's attack is one of the more powerful attacks as the Cursed Coach rises into the air dropping the bombs from overhead; use Cartwheel to avoid it. Lastly, the Swallow attack should be Cartwheeled away from to avoid being consumed. If you are consumed, continually use the attack button to free yourself.

As Cursed Coach's HP dwindles you'll stun it allowing for the "Turnover" command to score a bunch of HP balls. After this move is initiated the Cursed Coach normally whizzes around the battlefield so you'll need to dodge around for a bit to avoid taking too much damage. All-in-all, the battle isn't too difficult if you utilize Magic Commands, Shotlock, and Command Styles throughout the fight.

When you see the Coach sucking air in (left) try and get behind it to avoid being sucked in. Towards the end of the fight, the Coach will start spinning madly (right) but you can avoid this.


Prize Category Name
Power Up Maximum HP Up
Power Up Deck Capacity +1
Command Board Castle of Dreams
Keyblade Stroke of Midnight
Dimension Link Cinderella

After the scenes return to the Land of Departure. Check the Summit for a chest containing a Fleeting Crystal then move to the Mountain Path. Find three more chests for a Hi-Potion, Shimmering Crystal and a Bind . From here head to the Dwarf Woodlands.

Unversed Mission - Lost Runner

Location : Ballroom

Reward : Illusion R

1 Star: 0-14

2 Star : 15-29

3 Star : 30+

The objective is to defeat as many Lost Runners as you can. Use gap-closers like Sliding Dash and Strike Raid so you can take out large numbers of these Unversed.

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    12 January 2015
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