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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 12-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 26-02-2020 / 16:02 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Guide

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Rumble Racing

There are a total of four race courses available for play in this mini-game. You can play it in either Disney Town or at the Mirage Arena to unlock more tracks or earn prizes or medals.

Tips on being successful :

  • Get a good start. Press X after the 1 has faded away on the countdown but just before the word "Go!" appears to start off in full speed.

  • Take turns with X and Square to turn sharply without losing speed.

  • Play defensive. When you are "Locked On" hit Triangle to guard and don’t attack players in front of you unless you know you can hit them.

  • Snag the shields. They will help you finish the race without getting stopped by your opponent.

  • Lastly, take the shortcuts. Taking the fastest way through the course will almost certainly guarantee victory.

Country Chase

Prize for Top Three Finish : Hi-Potion

Mirage Arena Target Time : 5 Laps in 2:30

Stick close to the right wall and hit the first ramp to hit the shortcut. Coming back on to the track hook a sharp right to be in good position to avoid the tornadoes. Rinse and repeat to finish well ahead of the field.

Disney Drive

Prize for First Place Finish : Fire Dash

Mirage Arena Target Time : 5 Laps in 5:00

Start off just like you do in Country Chase, taking the mountain pass, then, as you come in to the city, launch off the ramp and hit the midair dash ring. There is a ramp on the right side that sends you on a narrow pass so hook a very sharp right to take a shortcut. Be sure to grab the shield in the tunnel to ensure safety on the way to the finish line.

Grand Spree

Prize for First Place Finish : Aerora

Mirage Arena Target Time : 5 Laps in 5:00

The key point to this race is the shield on the ledge after the initial ramp because it gives you enough invulnerability to launch through the tornado at the end. As you come off the mountain pass you can continue straight to grab another shield to take you home.

Castle Circuit

Prize for First Place Finish : Victory Line Keyblade

Mirage Arena Target Time : 5 Laps in 5:30

Right from the start is where you can win or lose the race. Hang a sharp left at the initial split then slow down enough to hit the ramp around the corner. This will propel you into a shortcut in the middle of the fenced off area. Once you reach the bottom you will be forced left or right. If you go right then stay your course, if left then make sure to hit both ramps to be on the optimal course. Hit all the dashes to stay well ahead and get an extra jolt after each lap with the midair dashes.

Guide Information

  • Publisher
    Square Enix
  • Platforms
    PS3, PS4
  • Genre
    Action Role-playing
  • Guide Release
    12 January 2015
  • Last Updated
    1 November 2019
  • Guide Author
    Greg Boccia

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