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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 12-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 18-02-2020 / 00:07 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Guide

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Disney Castle

Save upon arrival then use Valor Form to High Jump over the archway, snagging Two Sides #3 . Move up into the Castle Courtyard where you’ll fight Shadows, Soldiers, and a new enemy called a Minute Bomb. Clear the area then start collecting all the items and puzzle pieces. From the Gummi Hangar entrance, jump upon the ledge straight ahead and open the chest for a Blazing Stone (5/8). Head to the corner to your right and open the chest to find an AP Boost (3/8) then continue in a clockwise fashion to find a Mythril Shard (7/8). Leap to the corner to collect the Two Sides #12 puzzle piece.

At the other corner you can leap up to another chest with a Mythril Shard (1/8). Jump across the gap to find a Mythril Stone (4/8) then climb atop the hedge for Heart #1 . At the base of the center castle-hedge is a chest with a Blazing Shard (6/8). Open the chest atop the castle for the Star Recipe (2/8) then jump around it to claim Heart #2. Exit at the corner that is at the 8 o’clock position from the entrance; this is the Colonnade.

Monster - Minute Bomb

This Heartless looks like a little bomb, thus the name "minute". It will attack by charging in a straight line; using Guard will block the attack and break the skull cap. Performing this action will have the Minute Bomb stand still and not attack, rendering it useless. If you damage the Minute Bomb then it will start a countdown. Once the number goes from 9 to 0 the Minute Bomb will explode for massive damage, so be sure to use the Reaction Command "Dodge Roll" before this happens to dodge and cause the Minute Bomb to blow itself up without causing harm.

Fight through the Colonnade, there are only a bunch of Shadows so it’s not particularly difficult. In there is Queen Minnie and a save point that you should utilize. Don’t miss the ginormous chest in the corner, it has some Torn Pages (8/8) that you definitely need. Approach Queen Minnie and she’ll want an escort to the Audience Chamber. You receive the Disney Castle Map and now must aid Queen Minnie.

Mogjiro’s Moogle Shop

Item Price
Elven Bandana 100
Divine Bandana 200
Dark Anklet 300
Potion 40
Ether 120
Tent 100

Private Escort

Through the Colonnade you’ll have to contend with Shadows, Minute Bombs, and a Bolt Tower as you reach the door to the Audience Chamber. Have Minnie wait and then use "Call Over" to bring her close, using "Faith" to obliterate enemies that get too close. At the door "Finish" to enter the Audience Chamber. It seems the Heartless made it in here too! Head off to the left or right side and clear out the Bolt Towers then move slowly towards the throne, using "Faith" to knock them back and defeat them. You can slowly inch closer this way and its much safer then charging down the middle. At the Throne use "Finish" to complete the area.

Bonus : Accessory Slot (Sora), Auto Summon (Sora)

You must call Minnie towards you (left) during this phase. Keep her close to protect her. If enemies get too near, use Faith (right) to obliterate them.

Hall of the Cornerstone

Minnie clears the area and Sora follows her down to the Hall of the Cornerstone. Head to Hollow Bastion and speak with Merlin who will warp everyone back to Disney Castle, opening a gateway to the Timeless River.

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    12 January 2015
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    1 November 2019
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    Greg Boccia

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