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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

UNC: Cerberus

Ben Chard

This Assignment can be accepted at any point after you gain access to the Galaxy Map for the first time. It takes place on an Uncharted Planet that you must explore with the Mako and requires the completion of UNC: Missing Marines.

(1 of 2) Admiral Kahoku will contact you on the Normandy about the Cerberus bases

Admiral Kahoku will contact you on the Normandy about the Cerberus bases (left), head to Binthu in the Yangtze system to begin your search. (right)

How to Begin

Before you can begin this Assignment, you must first complete the Assignment UNC: Missing Marines by speaking to Admiral Kahoku. Once completed, return to the Galaxy Map and you’ll obtain a transmission from him once more, informing you that he’s found the group responsible along with the coordinates.

Investigate Yangtze System

With the Assignment accepeted, make your way to the Yangtze System in the Voyager Cluster to find the planet Binthu. Once planetside, open your map to discover three research facilities, north, east and south of your starting location. You’ll need to clear all three facilities as the final one will have what you’re looking for but each will differ slightly in the research specimens found there. You’ll also need to approach each base carefully, outside you will have to contend with Turrets on top of the facility.

Inside the northern facility, you’ll find a some Rachni Workers within a forcefield, you can turn this to your advantage. The switch nearby will disable the it, forcing the Cerberus operatives and Rachni into battle with each other, allowing you to take a step back and deal with the victors. Once the area is clear, head to the back of the room to find a console you can interact with, informing you of the other bases on this world.

(1 of 3) You’ll find Rachni Workers in the northern facility

Making your way to the eastern facility, you’ll find Thorian Creepers in the forcefield, these provide a much greater threat to the Cerberus operatives (and to you too) so be sure to make use of the console to release them and take a step back to watch the chaos unfold. Once the room is clear, loot the containers here and then make your way back to the Mako and head to the final Research Facility.

The final facility, to the south, will contain a Rachni Soldier behind the forcefield, this is a lot deadlier than your previous research subjects but is well worth releasing against the operatives. Take a step back, let them handle it for you and then deal with any that survive at the end. Unfortunately, you’ll come across the body of Admiral Kahoku in the center of the room. Examine the body to complete this Assignment and begin the final one in this chain, UNC: Hades’ Dogs.


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