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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Old Friends

Nathan Garvin

One of the origin-related assignments, this assignment will only be available if you chose Earthborn as your Pre-Service History.

How to Start

After completing one of the three missions after leaving the Citadel for the first time (either Therum, Feros or Noveria you’ll find a man named Finch standing near the Rapid Transit terminal outside of Chora’s Den in the Wards (Citadel). Talk to him and he’ll ask you to bail out a member of a gang you ran with back in your days as a terrestrial ne’er-do-well, starting this assignment in the process.

Codex Entries
Primary - Humanity and the Systems Alliance / Earth

The Turian Guard

Head into Chora’s Den and speak to a Turian Guard. If you respond with “I’ve got a warning.” you’ll inform the guard about Finch’s scheme and get Paragon +2, skipping a potential Charm/Intimidate check with the guard and drawing the ire of Finch. Alternatively if you pick “I want a human released.” or “Cut Curt Weisman loose.” you’ll advance the conversation with the Turian Guard, who will reveal that Finch wasn’t entirely honest about the crimes of his associate.

At this point you have three options:

  • “I need your help” (Charm 8): This will lead to you lying to get Finch’s associate freed, earning you Renegade +9. One of the rare cases where using Charm boost your Renegade points.
  • “Make it negotiable.” (Intimidate 8): Blunt a bulldozer, you threaten mass murder to free the convict, rightfully earning you Renegade +9.
  • Should you not have sufficient ranks in either Charm or Intimidate for the other two options, you can capitulate by respond with “Goodbye.” or “Nevermind.”

You can either convince the turian guard to let his prisoner go, or deal with an annoyed Finch.

Should you fail to pass the Charm/Intimidate checks needed to convince the Turian Guard, Finch will show up and threaten to expose you. This gives you even more options:

  • “This won’t help you.” (Charm 6): Convinces Finch to back down, earning you Paragon +8.
  • “So what?” (Intimidate 6): Makes it brutally clear that, despite what Finch thinks, he doesn’t actually have any leverage over you, earning you Renegade +9 in the process.
  • You can also respond with either “You can’t do this.” or “This is pointless.”, both of which will embolden Finch into demanding 500 credits in exchange for his silence. Paying him will net you Paragon +2.
  • Finally, and perhaps best of all, you can pick the option (Shoot him.), putting into practice the threat implicit in the aforementioned Intimidate response. Seriously, a nigh unaccountable elite agent empowered by the Council to resolve the most dangerous matters in the galaxy, and you think it’s a good idea to blackmail them directly to their face? Finch deserves to get shot. Improving the gene pool.

Anywho, either convince the Turian Guard by making a Charm/Intimidate check, convince Finch with a Charm/Intimidate Finch, pay Finch to go away, or put a bullet in Finch to complete this assignment. All in all, it’s a pretty easy way to get some Paragon/Renegade Points, even without any ranks in Charm/Intimidate.

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