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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Assisting Kirrahe's Team

Nathan Garvin

This assignment will start as soon as you begin the Base Approach section of the mission on Virmire. It is, in effect, a collection of optional objectives you can clear as you complete the mission on Virmire. None of these objectives have any bearing on the success of said mission on Virmire, but one of them does determine whether Captain Kirrahe survives the mission or not. The others are merely there for minor story variation (in the form of radio chatter), XP and the odd smattering of Paragon/Renegade points.

(1 of 2) Defeat the geth guarding the Communications Tower,

Defeat the geth guarding the Communications Tower, (left), and deactivate enemy comms via the Triangulation Tower console. (right)

Communications Tower

The first optional objective, the “Communications Tower”, is just northwest of where you start the Base Approach section of the mission on Virmire. You’ll find various geth Troopers in and around the Communications Tower, including normal Troopers, Shock Troopers a Sniper and a Geth Destroyer. Take them down, ascend a ramp to the upper part of the Communications Tower, loot a Weapon Locker [Easy] then disrupt the Triangulation Tower console. This doesn’t actually affect the outcome of… anything, but you will hear some positive feedback from Kirrahe and earn Paragon +2.

Paragon +2

(1 of 2) In addition to geth, you’ll find krogan defending the Satellite Uplink Tower.

In addition to geth, you’ll find krogan defending the Satellite Uplink Tower. (left), Shoot down the Satellite Uplink after dealing with the garrison, assuming it wasn’t destroyed during the fight. (right)

Satellite Uplink Tower

The “Satellite Uplink Tower” is in the middle of the Base Approach map, and you’ll have to pass by it as you make your way west towards Saren’s base.

On the Satellite Uplink Tower structure you’ll find more geth resistance, although this time the geth will be joined by a Krogan Warrior. A sign of things to come. If he charges, use biotics to immobilize him, then shoot him down. Once cleared, look at the roof to find a Satellite Uplink structure, which, assuming it wasn’t destroyed when you were clearing out the garrison, you can destroy with small-arms fire. This will earn you more approval from Captain Kirrahe and Paragon +2, although it doesn’t affect the outcome of this mission in any way.

Paragon +2

(1 of 2) Destroy the geth flyers at the Refueling Depot.

Destroy the geth flyers at the Refueling Depot. (left), You’ll get direct confirmation when you manage this - it’s the only thing you need to do to keep Captain Kirrahe allive. (right)

Refueling Platform

The “Refueling Platform” can be found northwest of the “Satellite Uplink Tower”, and it’s by far the most important of these objectives. Above the platform you’ll find numerous geth drones, both of the Assault and Rocket variety. Destroy them all and you’ll get a notification about the deed, as well as Paragon +8. This is the only requirement for keeping Captain Kirrahe alive; if the flyers are dispatched, Kirrahe will live, if not, not.

Paragon +8

To see what long-term impact Kirrahe’s survival has, check out the Keeping Captain Kirrahe Alive page.

(1 of 2) Whether you go to the northern entrance,

Whether you go to the northern entrance, (left), or southern entrance, you’ll find a Security Console that allows you to send more enemies Kirrahe’s way, or decline to do so and bear the burden yourself. (right)

Base Alarm

The next objective for this assignment can’t be skipped or missed at all. When you reach the entrances to the base you’ll find a Security Console. When you interact with it, you’ll be prompted to choose to send the guards inside the base to Kirrahe’s position, or to leave them in place so you can deal with them yourself. This decision does not affect things aside from some radio chatter, but you will earn Renegade +9 if you make things more difficult for Kirrahe, while opting to fight the guards yourself will score you Paragon +8.

Paragon +8 or Renegade +9
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