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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Jahleed's Fears

Ben Chard

This Assignment takes place during your first visit to the Citadel. This assignment has two paths and runs parallel to the Scan the Keepers Assignment.

(1 of 2) You’ll find Jahleed in the C-Sec Offices on the Citadel

You’ll find Jahleed in the C-Sec Offices on the Citadel (left), the Volus asks for your assistance regarding his colleague. (right)

How to Begin

You’ll first have to meet the council with Ambassador Udina before this Assignment becomes available. This Assignment plays a large part in the Scan the Keepers Assignment that you may have picked up in The Tower, speaking to Chorban. To get the full outcome of this, you’ll want to complete that task first before going to speak to Jahleed.

Regardless of the path you choose to take, make your way to the C-Sec Offices via Citadel Rapid Transit or by heading below the Embassy on the Presidium. Once you arrive, head to the offices on the west side and you’ll spot Jahleed speaking to a C-Sec Officer. Upon eavesdropping on the duo, head on over and speak to Jahleed. Speaking with him, you learn he suspects his friend is trying to kill him and asks if you can meet with him, agree to begin the Assignment.

Talk to Chorban

Jahleed has informed you that you can find Chorban down in the markets on the Wards, more specifically, the Lower Markets in the Lower Wards. This is the point of the Assignment where the paths begin to diverge so be sure to make a save before speaking to Chorban.

First time meeting Chorban

If this is your first time Meeting Chorban (you didn’t accept or complete Scan the Keepers), he’ll immediately pull a gun on you, asking to see the data. There’s nothing you can say here to prevent a firefight however it’s a rather simple one, despite the two bodyguards joining in the action. Take note of the explosives nearby, firing at them should any of your enemies approach them. Be sure to take cover behind the stalls, and focus your attention on Chorban, once he sustains enough damage, he’ll surrender.

(1 of 4) You’ll find Chorban in the Lower Markets

As Chorban pleads for his life, you’ll have a number of options to resolve the situation:

  1. Saying “Scanning?” will open up the opportunity to complete the Scan the Keepers Assignment and earn +2 Renegade.
  2. Declining his offer to scan the Keepers will send him away with no further bloodshed.
  3. Decide to kill him to earn +9 Renegade.

Met Chorban before and/or completed Scan the Keepers

If you’re already acquainted with Chorban, you can get him to give up his research for a boost in Paragon points.

If you’ve already completed or accepted the Scan the Keepers Assignment, you’ll already be acquainted with Chorban, at this point he’ll call off his bodyguards and you’ll avoid the firefight with him. You’ll be then given the option to how to deal with Chorban’s scanning, telling him “No More.” will cause him to give up on the research and earn +8 Paragon.

Jahleed’s Secret

Regardless of the outcome, it’s time to pay Jahleed a visit and get to the bottom of his lies. Return to the C-Sec offices and confront him. Saying “I’m turning you in.” will lead to a choice of how this plays out:

(1 of 2) You won’t have enough Charm or Intimidate skill points to activate these choices early in the game

You won’t have enough Charm or Intimidate skill points to activate these choices early in the game (left), you can decide to hand Jaleed over or accept his bribe. (right)

  1. After he explains about the Scanning, you’ll get the option to Charm/Intimidate (Requires 7 points of Charm or 6 points of Intimidate) him with both options causing him to turn himself in and earn +8 Paragon or +2 Renegade.
  2. Saying “Too bad.” will lead a C-Sec officer to interfere, at which point selecting “Definitely.” or “Yes.” will lead to Jahleed’s arrest and complete the Assignment.
  3. Saying “Too bad.” will lead a C-Sec officer to interfere, at which point selecting “We’re fine.”, you’ll be able to ask for Payment and receive 150 Credits. You’ll also get the ability to help with the research, beginning the Scan the Keepers Assignment.

However you decide to take your conversation with Jahleed, the Assignment will complete following the end of it.

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