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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

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UNC: Geth Incursions

Ben Chard

This Assignment can be accepted at any point after you gain access to the Galaxy Map for the first time. It takes place on an Uncharted Planet that you must explore with the Mako.

Admiral Hackett will contact you upon entering Armstrong Nebula.

How to Begin

There are multiple ways to begin this Assignment, with the earliest being from exploring the system in question:

  • While on Feros, at the ExoGeni Headquarters, you’ll come across a terminal that when hacked, will provide the report that begins the Assignment under the name Geth Activities.

  • During your time on Virmire, you’ll eventually reach the Genophage Labs. Once there, hack one of the terminals to receive the report on the Geth.

  • Alternatively, make your way to Armstrong Nebula to receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett as soon as you gain access to the Galaxy Map.

Eliminate Geth Outposts

Your objective here, is to head all over the Armstrong Nebula to locate four Geth Outposts and deal with them. This is a much easier task in Legendary Edition due to the changes in the Mako. In the original, it was far more beneficial to do this on foot, due to less XP being awarded for kills in the Mako. With this difference now gone, you can do all your destruction from the Mako and still earn full XP, making this a much easier affair.

Planet Casbin, Hong system

To begin, head to the Hong system and land on Casbin, the first location of a Geth Outpost. Once planetside, head to the northeast, over the mountains, to locate the first Geth Outpost. You’ll be facing both Geth Snipers and Geth Rocket Troopers to begin with, easily doubt with the primary gun and a well placed cannon shot. Be alert however, once these are dealt with, a Geth Dropship will arrive, dropping off a constant wave of Geth Shocktroopers. Ignore the Dropship at this point and focus on the Dropship itself, raining enough fire on that will force it to leave, leaving you with only the remaining Shocktroopers to deal with.

Planet Maji, Vamshi system

For your next destination, plot a course for Maji, in the Vamshi system. Once planetside, make your way to the Geth Outpost to the north, noting that if you take the regular route along the ground, you’ll need to take out Turrets along the way. The outpost itself sits on top of a hill, and once you reach it, you’ll need to deal with Geth Snipers and Geth Rocket Troopers who are no match for your Mako. This time however, once they’re defeated, you’ll have to contend with a Geth Colossus, a much larger threat. Keep your distance while being on the move and keep firing away at it, using the primary cannon once it’s available. Should you find the Mako in danger of exploding, get some distance and break line of sight, its health will not restore.

(1 of 4) You'll need to deal with a Geth Dropship on Casbin

Planet Rayingri, Gagarin system

The next destination is Rayingri, located on the Gagarin system. Once planetside, make your way to the south to find the Overrun Research Outpost. This time around, you’ll have no choice but to go on foot so leave the Mako and enter the facility. Once you reach the main room, you’ll find a large group of Husks, keep your distance and make short work of them before proceeding towards the back of the facility.

Another smaller group of Husks will run out on you, followed by the main Geth squad at this outpost. You’ll be up against Geth Troopers, Destroyers and Snipers so be sure to keep to cover to avoid the Snipers and let the Troopers rush you, using Biotics and Techs to diable them. AI Hacking is another useful option here, use it on one of the Destroyers if you have the higher ranks of the Tech and it will do most of the work for you.

Once you exit the base, you’ll have one more threat to deal with, a Geth Dropship has dropped off another large group of Geth. This is a lot easier to deal with should you have left your Mako near the entrance, simply get in and dispatch them, taking care to find some cover if you’re suffering significant damage.

Planet Antibaar, Teshkova system

The fourth outpost is located on the Antibaar, found in the Treshkova system. Once planetside, make your way to the northeast to find yet another Geth Outpost. This time around, there’s a smaller group of footsoldiers accompanied by a Geth Colossus so focus your attention on quickly clearing out the fodder so you can focus on the Colossus while evading it’s deadly attacks.

Once it’s defeated, as usual, another Geth Dropship will appear and drop off reinforcements in the shape of Shocktroopers and two Geth Primes, the largest threat here. Quickly deal with the Shocktroopers and then keep on the move as you work on the Primes, you may need to retreat and recover at some point during this, you’ll be sustaining a lot of fire.

Eliminate Geth Bunker

Regardless of the order you decide to take out the Outposts, you’ll find a transmitter at the final one, pointing to the location of the main Geth base on this star cluster. Return to the Normandy and plot a course for Solcrum, in the Grissom system. Once planetside, you’ll find the location of the bunker to the east, but before you can even get inside, you’ll have to deal with the heavy Geth resistance outside. You’ll have Rocket Troopers and Armatures to contend with so begin by dealing with the Rocket Troopers. You’ll need to keep on the move and retreat should you need to recover your health before taking on the Armatures. These will take the most effort to go down, so leaving them for last will allow you to slowly keep moving to avoid their blasts and deal with them.

(1 of 2) You'll need to deal with two Geth Colossus outside the bunker on Solcrum

You'll need to deal with two Geth Colossus outside the bunker on Solcrum (left), then a whole host of Geth including Destroyers inside. (right)

Once the area is clear, enter the base and once you enter the large room, you’ll have to deal with the final group of Geth. There will be Stalkers and a Sapper who should initiate combat at the doorway, use Biotics to disable them and kill them with ease. Focus on the Geth Destroyers next, they may well rush you while attempting to deal with the Stalkers but back up and use Biotics to make them more manageable. The final enemy is a Geth Juggernaut on the top floor, either snipe him from the bottom or make your way upstairs to finish it off.

The Assignment is considered complete once the Geth are defeated but there is one more item of interest here. Head to the room on the ground floor and you’ll find a Geth Terminal (Easy Decryption), this will begin the Assignment Tali and the Geth.

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