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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Citadel: Meeting Garrus

Nathan Garvin

This mission will start after you meet the Council for the first time. It serves as a subquest for the larger objective Citadel: Expose Saren and runs in parallel with Citadel: Wrex, another way of getting the intel you need. We recommend seeking out Garrus before Wrex.

(1 of 2) Dispatch two of Saren’s assassin’s on the way to Chora’s Den,

Dispatch two of Saren’s assassin’s on the way to Chora’s Den, (left), then talk to Harkin to learn Garrus’s location. (right)

Chora’s Den

You can make your way to the Wards on foot, or just use the Citadel Rapid Transit terminal south of the Council Chambers to warp directly to Chora’s Den. Head through the doorway to the area outside of Chora’s Den and you’ll be attacked by two Assassins, who are more dangerous combatants than any you’ve faced thus far.

They’ll have health regeneration in basically every difficulty, and may use other abilities if you’re playing above normal - a white health bar indicates an enemy is using Immunity, which means you’re not doing damage until that wears off. Try to keep them at a distance, where their shotguns will be less powerful and if one gets clever and rounds the corner, concentrate fire on them. There’s only two of them, so focusing your abilities on one should put him down fairly quickly.

After they’re defeated, continue on into Chora’s Den. Head around to the southwestern end of the circular bar (roughly 8 o’clock) where you should have an encounter between Wrex and a krogan bouncer, the former of which makes plain his intention to kill Fist. Fortunately, there’s no violence here, and this will either update or start the mission Citadel: Wrex.

Convenient, but that’s not what you’re here for.

Codex Entries
Primary - Aliens: Non-Council Races / Krogan

Talk to Harkin

Instead, you’re here for a decidedly less impressive looking creature named Harkin. Harkin’s got about as many redeeming qualities as he has hair follicles left on top of his head, Surprisingly your choices here don’t really matter - there are no Paragon or Renegade points at stake, and you’ll be able to get the information you want no matter what you say. Exhaust Harkin’s dialog options to learn that Garrus is at the Med Clinic and earn some XP in the process.

(1 of 3) Defeat the thugs in the Med Clinic,

Saving Doctor Michel

Head up to the Med Clinic, which is on the far eastern end of the Upper Wards. If you go through the market, ignore the various solicitations you get (although there’s no harm in talking to Emily Wong and starting the assignment Reporter’s Request - it’ll run largely parallel with the upcoming encounter with Fist) along the way.

Enter the Med Clinic and you’ll find that whatever information Doctor Miche knows has drawn the wrong sort of attention, and after Garrus hotshots himself out of a Mexican standoff you’ll need to put down several thugs. They’re not nearly as dangerous as the assassins you fought earlier were; taking cover and tossing out a few abilities should be sufficient to put them down.

After they’re defeated, talk to Garrus. Again, your responses don’t really matter here in terms of earning Paragon/Renegade points, so say what you will and you’ll find out that Fist is in league with Saren, and some quarian has intel that’ll implicate Saren in the attack on Eden Prime. Looks like you need to go pay Fist a visit, and Garrus - eager to bring down Saren - asks to tag along. There’s no good reason not to accept him. Afterwards the topic of Wrex will come up, a krogan who has also made his animosity towards Fist known, as you saw first hand when you visited Chora’s Den earlier. It doesn’t matter what you say in regards to Wrex, you can find him at C-Sec Academy after this point, should you wish to recruit him, and like Garrus, there’s no good reason not to do so.

If you want to recruit Wrex, you’ll need to head to C-Sec Academy. If you just want to press on and expose Saren, you can do that, too. Just head to Chora’s Den… and be prepared for a fight.

Codex Entries
Primary - Aliens: Non-Council Races / Quarians
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