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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Infinite Paragon and Renegade Points - Noveria

Nathan Garvin

Details for how to gain infinite Paragon and Renegade points on Noveria.

You can keep passing the same Charm/Intimidate check for infinite Paragon/Renegade points.

This one takes a bit of doing to set up. First, you have to travel to Noveria, deal with some overzealous corporate guards, talk to Gianna Parasini, then enter Port Hanshan. Make your way to Anoleis’s Office and talk to Gianna Parasini again, then talk to Anoleis, leave, and on your way out Parasini will refer you to Lorik Qui’in.

Take the elevator to the Port Hanshan Mezzanine and talk to Lorik Qui’in and accept his offer to recover his evidence against Anoleis, then return to Port Hanshan and from there make your way to Synthetic Insights. Clear the ERCS Guards out, recover the data from Lorik Qui’in’s Computer, then fight your way out. When you return to Port Hanshan Plaza, Parasini will tell you to talk to her at the Mezzanine before you do anything with the data. Indulge her and she’ll reveal her true role on Noveria, and ask you to convince Lorik to testify against Anoleis.

Talk to Lorik Qui’in after Parasini and you’ll be able to pick the dialog option “Testify against Anoleis.”, after which you’ll end up with a Charm/Intimidate check. Pick the Charm option “You’d be a hero.” (Charm 5) or the Indimidate option “Damn right I will.” (Intimidate 5) to convince - or strong-arm - Lorik, earning a whopping Paragon +24 or Renegade +25 in the process.

You can repeat the aforementioned Charm/Intimidate response with Lorik Qui’in as many times as you wish, amassing Paragon +24 or Renegade +25 every time you do it. After the initial Charm/Intimidate check, talk to Lorik again and pick the option “Matriarch Benezia”, followed by “Another question.”, after which you’ll be able to pick “Testify against Anoleis.”, leading to the Charm/Intimidate options.

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