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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Feros: ExoGeni Headquarters

Nathan Garvin

You’ll start this phase of the mission Feros: Geth Attack after dealing with the geth threatening Zhu’s Hope. Completing the Feros assignments picked up at Zhu’s Hope is optional, but comes highly recommended.

In any event, when you’re ready to continue on, find the elevator to the Prothean Skyway in the Tower. After ascending the first series of stairs you’ll reach a fork, the western path leading to where you chased off the geth dropship, while the northern path leads to the Tunnels. The elevator you’re looking for is on the right (eastern) side of the hallway leading to the stairs that’ll take you down to the Tunnels.

(1 of 2) Use the Mako to clear out the geth on the Skyway,

Use the Mako to clear out the geth on the Skyway, (left), stopping only to plunder some tunnels. (right)

Feros: Prothean Skyway

Ride the elevator and when you arrive, put down a Geth Drone before boarding the Mako. You’ve got a long, linear stretch of driving ahead of you, but it’s not all tedium, as a geth dropship will arrive to deliver some playmates for you: Geth Armatures and ground troops (usually a mix of Shock Troopers and Rocket Troopers). You’ll also have some intermittent radio chatter to keep your company, although the source is as of yet unknown.

Defeat the first batch of geth, then drive to the end of this stretch of road to find another group. Once they’re pulverized, leave the Mako and head into a small tunnel, where you’ll find some geth waiting to ambush you down some stairs. Deactivate them, then loot a Locked Crate [Easy] and an Technician Kit

(1 of 2) Drop by the Skyway Weigh Station to find another group of survivors,

Drop by the Skyway Weigh Station to find another group of survivors, (left), then fight through a second host of geth, including several Juggernauts. (right)

Feros: Skyway Weigh Station

Return to the Mako and press on into a tunnel, where you’ll get some more radio chatter. When you’re forced to turn left, leave the Mako and note there are two ways forward: a massive door leading to another stretch of Skyway, and down a ramp leading to the Skyway Weigh Station.

Go down the ramp and you’ll find yourself confronted by Juliana Baynham and Ethan Jeong, the latter of which is an ExoGeni minion, through and through, while the former is rightfully more concerned about her daughter - Lizbeth - than some predatory corporation. Exhaust both of their dialog options, although little comes from it. After that, turn left (south) to find a man named Gavin Hossle, who will give you the assignment Feros: Data Recovery. Something to keep in mind when you reach the ExoGeni Headquarters.

Speaking of which…

Feros: Prothean Skyway, Continued

Return to the Mako and drive through the doorway and up the ramps beyond to reach the second stretch of the Skyway, where more geth await their destruction. Oblige them, then disembark and enter some side tunnels to find some Geth Troopers guarding an Upgrade Kit and a Medical Kit.

Continue driving down the Skyway and you’ll find an odd mixed group of geth, including several Juggernauts and another Armature. Destroy them, then continue through some doors until you reach a gap too narrow for the Mako, but more than wide enough for you to continue on foot. Yep, it’s that part of the mission again…

(1 of 2) Shoot a canister to punish a sneaky armature,

Shoot a canister to punish a sneaky armature, (left), then flee down a nearby tunnel to escape its main cannon. (right)

Feros: To ExoGeni Headquarters

Ditch the Mako and continue on foot, and as soon as you’re through the gap (perhaps sooner!) you’ll be assaulted by some Geth Troopers and a Geth Stalker. Take them down, ascent a debris ramp to the left (west), then note a doorway blocked by a barrier to the south, near which is a hole you can drop down. One of your teammates will helpfully point out that this is a one-way trip, so ignore it for now and head north instead to find a locked door [Easy].

Decrypt the door, then head down the hallway beyond to reach a small room, where you’ll find a dorman Geth Armature to your right and a Malfunctioning Object ahead of you. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the play here is. Shoot a canister near the Armature to wake it up, then retreat through the hallway. The Armature will chase you to the door, but it can’t fit through, making it much easier for you to just stand back and shoot it until it’s scrapped. After that, you can loot the room it was guarding safely.

Backtrack south and drop down the hole mentioned earlier, then turn right and press on until you reach a larger chamber, where you have a close encounter of the civilian kind. Afterwards, talk to Lizbeth Baynham and she’ll mention some “Thorian” - an indigenous lifeform on Feros that ExoGeni was studying - and will tell you that to take down the barriers the geth have erected, you’ll have to dislodge the geth ship that’s powering it.

After your chat with Lizbeth is over, dispatch some Varren that show up, then cross the canal to the southwest to reach a door leading to some stairs, which in turn lead up to the interior of the ExoGeni Headquarters building.

(1 of 2) Dispatch a Krogan Commander,

Dispatch a Krogan Commander, (left), then interact with the VI that was frustrating him to learn more about the Thorian. (right)

Feros: Remove the Force Field

Ascend the stairs and you’ll overheard a Krogan Commander arguing with an ExoGeni VI. Fortunately for us, corporate VIs are designed to be obtuse, and Krogan aren’t known for their patience with or technical know-how. After the VI rats you out, dispatch the Krogan Commander, then you’ll end up talking to the VI, learning more about the Thorian, the colonists at Zhu’s Hope and ExoGeni.

It’s not good.

Before you can really do anything about this Thorian, however, you’ll need to dislodge the geth from the ExoGeni build, and that means finding this ship that’s powering their barriers. From the VI, take two lefts around a corner and press on until you find some stairs. Ascend them, turn right and enter a room to find some geth… praying?

Fair enough. Send them to whatever they’re worshipping, then watch a scene where you’ll find that getting rid of this geth ship might be more difficult than grabbing some wire cutters. Drop off a ledge and loot a Locked Crate [Easy], then head down a tunnel opposite the geth “shrine”, following it as it twists and bends until you reach a room with more geth Troopers, a Geth Sniper and a Geth Stalker.

(1 of 4) A charging krogan with Immunity active is one of the greatest threats you’ll encounter,

Dispatch them, then note you’ve got two paths to explore: you can go through a door to the northeast, or one to the southwest. Go through the door first, which immediately leads to a flight of stairs to your right. Ascend them and snake your way through the hallways beyond until you come to a somewhat wider area where three Krogan lurk. Exercise caution, as Krogan are dangerous foes - especially in groups. In a pure gunfight they’re not too bad, but they’re prone to charging (especially if you dare debilitate them with abilities like Sabotage, and their melee is definitely more dangerous than their gunfire, bypassing shields and dealing heavy health damage. Biotics are the way to go, especially abilities like Throw, Lift or Singularity which will keep them from reaching you and allow you to dispatch them, deal some hefty damage, or at least by yourself some time.

Once the krogan are dead, search “Gavin Hossle’s Console” to get the data he wants for the assignment Feros: Data Recovery, then loot a Secure Storage Locker [Average].

Backtrack to the previous room where you fought geth and go through the southwestern doorway this time. Continue up some stairs, through a winding tunnel (loot a Secure Crate [Average] as you go) and you’ll eventually find yourself in a room full of more Geth; another collection of Troopers along with the odd Sniper and Stalker. Take them down, then hack a terminal [Average] to start the assignment Investigate Facility. Something to keep in mind for when we’re done with Feros.

(1 of 2) Retreat back up some stairs to lure the geth into a bottleneck, while providing yourself some cover.

Retreat back up some stairs to lure the geth into a bottleneck, while providing yourself some cover. (left), Various terminals in the area can be hacked to start new assignments. (right)

Speaking of which, head up some stairs to the north and you’ll get a scene showing off another one of the geth ship’s claws. Press on and head down some stairs, but be open to the prospect of immediately retreating, as the geth are thick down here, consisting of a Stalker, a Sniper and a variety of Troopers (including a Rocket Trooper!). If you can lure them to the stairs, you’ll doubtlessly separate some, and the ones that press on can be dispatched more easily. Once they’re decommissioned, loot a Secure Crate [Average] to the south, then press on to the west.

(1 of 2) Get the gate’s PSI between 31 and 34,

Get the gate’s PSI between 31 and 34, (left), then close the gate to dislodge the geth ship. (right)

In the western part of this room you’ll find a Server Node [Average], which you can hack to get the assignment Investigate Samples and a Shuttle Bay Door Control terminal. This starts a little minigame, the goal of which is to get the PSI of the door to between 31-34. To the left of the terminal, five valves will light up, with the following values (left to right): 5 PSI, 7 PSI, 17 PSI, 11 PSI and 13 PSI. 7 + 11 + 13 will get you up to 31 PSI and 5 + 17 + 11 will get 33 PSI. Both work fine.

The Geth may be powerful, but they’re no match for human incompetence!

As soon as the geth ship is gone, you’ll get a transmission from Joker, who informs you that the condition of the colonists of Zhu’s Hope has deteriorated since you’ve last been in contact. Say what you will, then go through a doorway to the north to find a Secure Crate [Average].

Backtrack to the room with the barrier (the hub room that had doorways leading northeast, southwest and northwest) and go through the larger, now barrier-free doorway to the north to meet up with Lizbeth. She’ll reveal more info about the Thorian, after which Joker will warn you about more Geth incoming. Lovely. Pick the Paragon options for Paragon +2 or the Renegade options for Renegade +2.

Paragon +2 or Renegade +2

The next phase of this quest will be covered on the page Feros: The Thorian.


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