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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

UNC: Asari Diplomacy

Ben Chard

This Assignment that first takes place during your second visit to the Citadel once you have completed a main Mission on the Galaxy Map. There are a number of ways to begin this Assignment.

(1 of 2) You’ll get a transmission from Nassana aboard the Normandy

You’ll get a transmission from Nassana aboard the Normandy (left), head to the Embassy Lounge to speak to Nassana and begin the Assignment. (right)

How to Begin

There are several ways to begin this Assignment, with the earliest being from Nassana Dantius on the Citadel:

  • After completing a main Mission on the Galaxy Map, leave your current system and enter a new one, you’ll receive a transmission from Nassana Dantius asking you to visit her on the Citadel. Once there, make your way to the Embassy Lounge and speak with her to begin the Assignment.

  • Head to the the Artemis Tau cluster, then into the Macedon system to find the planet Sharjila. Here, you’ll find a mercenary base where there’s a terminal, hacking this will give you the Assignment.

  • Finally, once you are on Noveria and reach Peak 15, you’ll reach a cafeteria and find an Easy terminal to hack, doing this will give you the Assignment under the guise of Mercenaries.

Find Dahlia

Once you have the Assignment, make your way to the Macedon system on Artemis Tau and land on Sharjila. Once planetside, open the map and make your way to the north to find the pirate Stronghold. As you approach, you’ll need to deal with the resistance from outside. There will be snipers in the towers alongside other ground soldiers stationed all around the perimeter, so long as you stay within the Mako and don’t go charging in, you should be able to pick them off with relative ease. Once defeated, drive up to the entrance and enter the base itself.

(1 of 5) Once on Sharjila, head north for the mercenary base

There are more pirates to deal with in the base, a total of seven including a Sniper that will stay on the second floor and an Asari Slaver, the main threat here. With that said, you can make use of the entrance, making contact with the enemy and luring them back here to take them down in more favorable odds. The main concern with this method is the presence of a Krogan, be sure to use Biotics such as Lift, Throw and Singularity so that you can disable it and prevent it from regenerating. You’ll have to move into the main room however to take care of the last Sniper and the Asari Slaver, who has powerful Biotics at her disposal. Once again, your own Biotics can effectively disable her, allowing you to focus fire on her before heading upstairs to defeat the remaining Sniper.

With the room clear, head into the room on the second floor to find a Hardened Storage Locker (Hard Decryption), a Hardened Wall Safe (Hard Decryption), and a malfunctioning object. You’ll also find a Computer which, when investigated, will discover that the Asari Slaver you just killed was the missing Dahlia, something doesn’t quite add up here. Before you leave, check the ground floor out to discover a Medical Kit and an Upgrade Kit while in the room here are three Crates and a Medical Station (Easy Decryption).

Inform Nassana

Regardless if Nassana was the original person to issue you this Assignment, you’ll now need to make your way back to the Citadel to report on the information you’ve just discovered. Once on the Citadel, you’ll find her still in the Embassy Lounge and upon speaking to her, you’ll get the following choices:

  1. Saying “I’ve got a better deal.” (3 points of Charm) will result in you receiving the Armali License as an additional reward.
  2. Saying “Credits won’t cut it.” (4 points of Intimidate) will also result in you receiving the Armali License as an additional reward.
  3. Saying “Don’t bother.” will forgeo the additional reward of the License and earn +2 Paragon.
  4. Saying “Fair enough.” will forego both the additional reward of the License and any morality points.
  5. Saying “It better be.” will forgeo the additional reward of the License and earn +2 Renegade.

Choosing the Charm or Intimidate options will reward you with the Armali License.

The License is an interesting reward, you can purchase it yourself but not until much later in the game. Likewise, seeing as you can only earn +2 to Paragon/Renegade, that’s an even less attractive offer so it’s well within your interest to choose the Charm/Intimidate reward to get the mose out of this Assignment.


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