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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Wrex and the Genophage

Nathan Garvin

This assignment will begin automatically on Virmire upon reaching the Salarian Camp, assuming you recruited Wrex at some point in the game. This assignment is otherwise inextricably bound with the mission on Virmire - you have to resolve the encounter with Wrex before you can progress with the mission. Given the nature of this assignment, it’s highly advised you complete Wrex: Family Armor before landing on Virmire.

After reaching the Salarian Camp you’ll be informed by Captain Kirrahe that Saren has managed to thwart the genophage, and is breeding himself an armor of krogan. Naturally, this news weighs heavily on Wrex, and before you can continue on with the mission on Virmire you’ll have to resolve the matter with Wrex.

Your confrontation with Wrex will devolve, and only recovering his armor or succeeding at a Charm/Intimidate check will pacify him.

Kill or Calm Wrex

Approach Wrex and you’ll find yourself in a contentious confrontation, and perhaps rightfully so. Saren has apparently cured the genophage, which has seemingly all but doomed the krogan to slow extinction. Despite his practiced apathy towards his fellow krogan, the salvation of his species is important enough to question his loyalty to you. The outcome of this encounter will come down to how much Wrex trusts you, or how persuasive you are, and there are only two ways this ends: Wrex dies, or you convince Wrex to back down and he stays in the squad.

If not, Wrex won’t end up coming out of Virmire alive.

Kill Wrex

Wrex dying is the default conclusion to this encounter should you not have the ability to achieve a better outcome. If you didn’t complete the assignment Wrex: Family Armor or if you stick to the Renegade responses, you’ll eventually come to a dialog hub with five options, including a Charm/Intimidate option. If you pick [Shoot Wrex.] here you’ll put the krogan down yourself, earning Renegade +25. If you pick “Calm down.” and haven’t completed Wrex: Family Armor or if you pick “We can work this out.”, Ashley will put the mutinous krogan down and you’ll get nothing for your fecklessness.

If Wrex dies, this obviously means you won’t have him at your disposal anymore, nor will he be in later games. You can read more about the consequences of this choice by following the provided link.

Renegade +25

If you completed the assignment Wrex: Family Armor and stick to Paragon options - or if you select a Charm/intimidate dialog option - you can convince Wrex to stand down.

Calm Wrex

If you can talk Wrex down, you’ll get to keep him for the rest of the game, which on its own makes it a better option.

If you completed the assignment Wrex: Family Armor, you can simply stick to the Paragon options (“Easy Wrex.”, “It’s not that simple.” and either “I wouldn’t do this otherwise.” or “We are.”) and he’ll relent, earning you Paragon +28.

If you for some reason didn’t complete Wrex: Family Armor, you’ll ultimately end up at a five option dialog hub, including a Charm option “These aren’t your people!” and an Intimidate option “Don’t be so naive.”. Both will talk sense into Wrex, earning you either Paragon +28 or Renegade +9, respectively.

Paragon +28 or Renegade +9

If you manage to resolve matters with Wrex by using Charm or Intimidate, you’ll earn the Charismatic achievement.

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ME1: Use Charm or Intimidate to resolve an impossible situation in the game.

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