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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Strange Transmission - UNC: Major Kyle

Ben Chard

This Assignment can be accepted at any point after you gain access to the Galaxy Map for the first time. It takes place on an Uncharted Planet that you must explore with the Mako.

(1 of 2) Hack a computer on the Citadel, in the Embassies

Hack a computer on the Citadel, in the Embassies (left), then receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett in the Century system. (right)

How to Begin

There are several ways to begin this Assignment, with the earliest being from hacking a computer on the Citadel:

  • Go to the Citadel and make your way to the Embassies on the Presidium, heading into Executor Pallin’s office. You’ll find a Computer Console that you can hack, giving you the Alliance Report that begins this Assignment.

  • While on Feros at the ExoGeni Headquarters, you’ll find a server you hack next to the ExoGeni VI.

  • Likewise, a server on Noveria, at the Peak 15 Helium-3 reactor can be hacked in the Reactor Observation Deck on the second floor.

  • Alternatively, make your way to the Century System in the Hawking Eta Cluster to receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett, handing you the Assignment.

Investigate Major Kyle’s Compound

Regardless of how you accept this Assignment, make your way to the Century System in the Hawking Eta Cluster and Admiral Hackett will get in contact. Once he’s finished informing you of the situation, head to Presrop, Klendagon’s moon. Once planetside, head to the southwest to locate the Biotic Compound, how this Assignment plays out from here is based on your decisions. When you approach the entrance to the first compound, you’ll have a conversation with one of the cultists:

(1 of 3) Selecting You can’t keep me out! at any point will turn the situation hostile

  1. Saying “I have to see Major Kyle.” will open the way to a peaceful entrance.
  2. Saying “You can’t keep me out.” will stop any chance of a peaceful outcome and make the cultists hostile upon entry.

Should you select the first choice, followed by “I’m here to help.” or “Alliance officers are dead.”, you’ll get some more dialogue options:

  1. Saying “He needs my help.” (3 points of Charm) will convince the guard it’s for his best interests and earn +2 Paragon.
  2. Saying “He’ll get you all killed.” (5 points of Intimidate) will threaten him and earn +2 Renegade.
  3. Alternatively, saying “I served with him at Torfan.” (requires Ruthless background) will convince him you’re an ally.

Using this method of entry will open the other compound that’s locked nearby and you’ll be able to head inside the compound here to collect the loot, just be careful not to shoot anyone or else both compounds will turn hostile. If you wasn’t able to Charm or Intimidate your way into the compound you’ll have to head in, deal with the Biotic enemies and use the Terminal on the second floor to unlock Major Kyle’s other compound which will also remain hostile.

Talk to the Major

If you’re still peaceful with the cultists, you can simply stroll into the other compound and speak to Major Kyle, where you’ll get some more choices if you continuing selecting the top right choices:

Using Charm or Intimidate on Major Kyle will result in no fighting if you give him the time after.

  1. Saying “You can’t help them now.” (7 points of Charm) will result in you convincing him to turn himself in and a peaceful resolution should you give him the time he requests, earning +8 Paragon.
  2. Saying “Surrender or they all die!” (8 points of Intimidate) will also result in forcing him to stand down so long as you give him the time he requests, earning +9 Renegade.

At this point, return to the Normandy to update Admiral Hacektt and complete the Assignment.


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