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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

UNC: Hostile Takeover

Ben Chard

This Assignment first takes place during your first visit to the Citadel once you have exposed Saren and become a Spectre. There are alternative methods to being this Assignment.

(1 of 2) You can hack a Hard Terminal in C-Sec

You can hack a Hard Terminal in C-Sec (left), or speak to Helena Blake in the Financial District directly to begin this Assignment. (right)

How to Begin

There are several ways to begin this Assignment, with the earliest being from Helena Blake on the Citadel:

  • After exposing Saren and becoming a Spectre, make your way towards the Emporium on the Citadel to find Helena Blake standing against a wall just outside. Speaking to her, you learn of her request you’ll have two choices available to you:
  1. Saying “No. I won’t do this.” will result in you accepting the Assignment and earn +8 Paragon.
  2. Replying with “Not a problem.” will result in you accepting the Assignment and earn +2 Renegade.
  • Alternatively, you can pick up this Assignment by heading to C-Sec and search the Offices for a Computer that you can decrypt. You’ll need 9 Points of Decryption to get into the computer but once inside, you’ll get the report, leading you to Helena.

Eliminate Crimelords: Mavigon

You’ll now need to make your way to the bases of the crimelords in question and you can do this in any order. To begin with, make your way to the Han System in the Gemini Sigma Cluster to find the planet Mavigon. Once planetside, open up your map and make your way over to the southeast to find the Syndicate Hideout, you’ll have to drive up the cliff to reach it. Once there, take out the Turrets and then exit the Mako and enter the facility.

(1 of 2) Drive up the cliff and take out the turrets to gain access to the base on Mavigon

Drive up the cliff and take out the turrets to gain access to the base on Mavigon (left), make use of Biotics to disable the Krogans. (right)

The entrance is clear and there’s a Medical Kit should you need it nearby. Once you’re ready, head through the door to face off against the syndicate located here. You’ll be up against two Snipers, five mercenaries and the Crime Boss, with Krogan’s into the mix. With that said, bait the Krogans into following you back into the previous room and deal with them using abilities such as Lift and Singularity to prevent them from using their regeneration. Once they’re taken care of, you’ll get a notification that the first syndicate has been taken down. Before leaving however, don’t forget to loot the other rooms in this base before leaving.

Finish Crimelords: Klensal

Back on the Normandy, plot a course for Klesnal, found in the Dis System of the Hades Gamma Cluster. Once planetside, make your way to the southwest and take out the mercs surrounding the mine, entering it once the area is clear.

(1 of 2) The base at Klesnal have mercenaries in towers sniping you

The base at Klesnal have mercenaries in towers sniping you (left), be careful of the snipers in the mine, stick to cover. (right)

Just like the previous syndicate, you’ll be up against five regular mercenaries and two snipers, while the Crime Boss will tend to lurk around the back of the room, remaining in cover. Try to bait some of them to your initial cover and use disabling Biotics to quickly deal with them, taking care to not stand out in the open as you will get sniped from the back. If you have Lift and Singularity, use it to great effect and then remain in cover and only shoot the Snipers when it’s safe to do so. Only the Crime Boss should remain and you’ll find him at the back, head over and use a Shotgun or Biotics to make short work of him. Before you leave this base, be sure to check out the back room to find more loot.

Meet Helena Blake

The final step of this Assignment is to meet up with your contact once more, Helena Blake. You’ll need to plot a course for the planet Amaranthine, located in the Fortuna System in the Horse Head Nebula. Once planetside, head to the south to find the Engineering Outpost, this time noting the lack of mercenaries outside the base. Once inside, head forward to find Helena, after speaking with her, you’ll get a few choices that determine how this plays out:

  1. Saying “Walk away.” (10 points of Charm) will result in you convincing Helena to disband the group and earn +8 Paragon.
  2. Saying “Disband the group.” (7 points of Intimidate) will attempt to force her to disband, starting a firefight and earning +9 Renegade.
  3. Saying “You’re under arrest” will start a firefight and earn +2 Paragon.
  4. Saying “Then we’re fine.” or “You’d better stay clean.” will end the Assignment and keep the gang active, forcing you out of the base.

You can reach a peaceful solution to this Assignment with a high Charm score.

In the event of a firefight, a barrier will erect, preventing you from dealing immediate damage to Helena. You’ll be up against the same enemies from the other two bases so take cover and pick off any stragglers, letting some come towards you that you can disable. Helena herself is no different to the other Crime Bosses you fought earlier.

In the event of Helena’s survival, you’ll find her on Omega in Mass Effect 2, with her future career path dependent on whether she disbanded the group or not.


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