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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Skill Cards, Part 1

Jarrod Garripoli

Skill Cards are used to make a character learn a new skill and can be acquired in a few ways. They can be found in chests and gotten as rewards (both normal and bonus) from Requests. However, the main way to get new Skill Cards is via extracting them from Sub-Personas who learn that skill. If you happen to do it this way, then the Sub-Persona is removed from your inventory. Note that some Sub-Personas have the skill readily available, but some might need leveling up some in order for them to learn the skill first.

Not all skills are available as Skill Cards and every character (apart from Zen/Rei, as they cannot learn skills from cards) only has room for four skills from Skill Cards. It is possible to overwrite skills if all four slots are used. The first table will list the Skill Cards acquired outside of Sub-Personas, with the second one listing all Skill Cards that can be extracted from Personas. You unlock the option to extract skills whenever you first step foot in Evil Spirit Club 3rd Story.

Skill How To Get Notes
Aeon Rain Bonus reward for Please Escort Us request Bonus is for making Margaret happy
Assault Shot Reward for Investigate a Rumor request --
Gigantic Fist Found in Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 3 --
Heat Wave Reward for Obtain a Hellish Pacifier request --
Light Wave Find in Clock Tower 9F Only one in entire game
Makajam Bonus reward for Help with the Trading Showdown request Only one in entire game
Media Map Chest on You in Wonderland Ch. 3; Bonus reward for Request from Mr. X request --
Skill How To Get Notes
Mediarahan Reward for Study Hall is in Session request --
Megido Found in Group Date Cafe Stop 4 --
Megidola Bonus reward for Treasure Hunters Wanted request --
Mind Charge Found in Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 1 --
Power Charge Bonus reward for Please Escort Us request Bonus is for making Elizabeth happy
Recarm Map Chest on You in Wonderland Ch. 2 --
Tempest Slash Found in Clock Tower 6F --

Extractable Skills

Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Aeon Rain Triglav Chariot 44 --
Agidyne Black Frost Fool 47 --
Agilao Phoenix Sun 18 20
Alleys of Light Parvati Priestess 37 39
Arrow Rain Tsuchigumo Strength 26 27
Assault Shot Berith Hanged Man 15 16
Bestial Roar Nue Hermit 20 21
Binding Hands Belphegor Devil 63 64
Blade of Fury Tam Lin Sun 49 --
Bloody Vanguard Kartikeya Star 52 --
Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Body Shield Ananta Fortune 54 56
Bolt Link Mezuki Chariot 30 --
Brain Shake Siegfried Strength 58 --
Brutal Slash Mahakala Death 78 --
Bufudyne Skadi Empress 50 51
Bufula Jack Frost Magician 16 17
Circle Recovery Anubis Judgment 38 40
Clairvoyance Yatagarasu Star 12 --
Colossal Swing Warrior Zeus Judgment 87 89
Critical Eye Ose Fool 31 32
Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Dark Wall Mot Death 47 --
Death Chaser Suparna Sun 65 66
Death Counter Yaksini Empress 11 12
Deaths Scythe Chernobog Moon 59 69
Deathbound Kali Strength 63 --
Decay Circle Ippon-Datara Hermit 13 15
Dekaja Vasuki Hanged Man 63 65
Dekunda Kingu Emperor 60 61
Dia Pixie Lovers 2 --
Diarahan Norn Fortune 66 70
Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Diarama Unicorn Hierophant 28 --
Double Link Turdak Death 27 28
Dragon Cry Kohryu Hierophant 73 --
Elec Wall Hachiman Hierophant 68 70
End Shot Nidhoggr Hermit 49 --
Endure Satan Judgment 77 79
Eternal Melody Genbu Temperance 35 36
Evil Smile Legion Fool 21 22
Faeries Vigil Koropokkuru Hanged Man 2 --
Fang Smash Oni Strength 17 --
Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Fatal End Red Rider Judgment 29 --
Fire Wall Mada Magician 69 70
First Star Neko Shogun Star 23 25
Flame Link Yatsufusa Hanged Man 45 46
Forked Spear Orpheus Telos Fool 26 28
Forked Spear Seiten Taisei Tower 61 --
Free Memento Alraune Moon 39 40
Frost Link Gozuki Hierophant 33 --
Gale Link Cu Chulainn Tower 41 --
Garudyne Garuda Star 47 49
Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Garula Titania Empress 19 21
Gigantic Fist Abaddon Tower 47 48
Glacial Edge Eligor Chariot 17 18
Gods Hand Zaou-Gongen Strength 80 --
Gokuentou Flauros Hierophant 41 --
Golden Link Ardha Judgment 89 92
Guillotine White Rider Death 33 34
Hailstorm Succubus Devil 29 30
Hamaon Virtue Justice 29 30
Harvest Prayer Dis Magician 39 --
Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Healing Hand Gabriel Empress 42 43
Heat Wave Hitokotonushi Hermit 34 36
Heavy Shot Rangda Magician 45 --
Heroic Gemini Yoshitsune Tower 76 --
Heroic Wind Leanan Sidhe Lovers 35 36
Hientou Surt Magician 62 --
Holy Touch Dominion Justice 35 --
Hunting Prayer Azumi Hermit 3 --
Ice Wall King Frost Emperor 25 26
Immunity Buffer Alilat Empress 75 --
Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Impure Reach Incubus Devil 13 14
Infinite Link Thanatos Death 70 72
Infinite Link Chi You Tower 87 88
Judgment Sword Metatron Judgment 82 --
Kamikaze Strike Cybele Lovers 58 59
Kidney Smash Xiezhai Temperance 12 14
Lemegeton Belial Devil 51 53
Lethargy Circle Pabilsag Emperor 46 --
Life Aid Archangel Justice 14 15
Life Wall Arahabaki Hermit 62 64
Skill Card Persona Arcana Base Level Level Skill Learned
Light Wall Helel Star 70 72
Lightning Smash Oumitsunu Chariot 38 --
Lullaby Song Lilith Devil 44 --
Mabufu Sarasvati Star 7 9
Mabufudyne Shiki-Ouji Fool 61 63
Mabufula Seiryuu Temperance 40 42
Magaru Alp Lovers 9 --
Magarudyne Jatayu Sun 57 58
Magarula Kurama Tengu Hermit 40 42
Mahama Power Justice 20 --
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