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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

List of Every Ending and Outcome

Ben Chard

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong is a choice-based game and naturally, your choices will have impact the way the game ends. Here you can find out all the possible outcomes in Swansong where you can find links to more details on how to achieve them. Naturally, if you’ve wandered here by mistake, leave now or be prepared to be spoiled on all the major outcomes in the game.

Every Ending and Outcome in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong

Below is a list of all the possible outcomes in Swansong, with a brief description of what that is. For an in-depth look at how you bring these outcomes about, click the outcome for more information.

Main Character Outcomes

Character Outcome
Emem Emem doesn’t know Hilda is the traitor and stays in the Camarilla
Emem Reveal the treason to the Prince
Emem Confront Hilda. You kill her and flee to join the Anarchs
Emem Confront Hilda. You kill her and take her place in the primogen
Emem Confront Hilda. Hilda kills you (Celerity level: 4 or less)
Emem Follow Hilda and stay in the Camarilla
Emem Emem is dead, killed by Kurt
Emem Emem is dead, killed by SAD soldiers
Galeb Leave the Camarilla of Boston for the Beckoning
Galeb Stay in Boston and help Hazel to rule the Camarilla
Galeb Galeb is dead, killed by Standford
Leysha Leysha is in an Inquisition prison cell
Leysha Leysha is in a catatonic state in an Inquisition cell
Leysha Leysha is outside the Inquisition
Leysha Leysha is dead, killed by the Werewolf in Scene 10
All All three characters are alive
All All three characters are dead

Secondary Character Outcomes

Character Outcome
Berel Underwood Berel is dead in his cell, there is no dialog with him
Berel Underwood You saved Berel, you can dialog with him one last time
Xu Feng Discover Berel infanted her
Xu Feng Berel did not infant her, you won the Scene 5 DF
Xu Feng You cannot infant her, but don’t kill her
Xu Feng Kill her
Xu Feng Infant her
Richard Dunham Leysha spared Richard
Richard Dunham Leysha killed Richard
Kurt Kurt was not found in Scene 4 (Unknown)
Kurt Kurt was killed by Emem
Kurt Kurt is alive and free and kills the Prince

Camarilla and Sects Outcomes

Sect Outcome
Hartford Chantry You got the help of the Chantry in Scene 4 (Unknown)
Hartford Chantry You did not get the help of the Chantry in Scene 4 (Unknown)
Hartford Chantry The Chantry was destroyed by Kurt
Anarchs Randall Thane is alive and the Anarchs are safe
Anarchs Randall Thane was killed by Yardley and the Anarchs are in danger
British Camarilla The British Camarilla reach Boston undiscovered
British Camarilla The British Camarilla is stopped by Prince Hazel


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