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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Complete the Wall Safe Puzzle as Galeb

Ben Chard

Scene 02 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong sees Galeb head to Jason Moore’s apartment to find out what happened there. Throughout this scene you will encounter many puzzles, many of which that needs to be completed so that you can access all of the intel for the Prince.

The wall safe can be found in Jason Moores office in Scene 02.

Where to Find the Wall Safe Puzzle

This should be the first puzzle you encounter in this scene, although it is possible to avoid it completely, at the risk of missing out on a vital piece of intel for the Prince. Make your way upstairs and head into Jason Moore’s office, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see another cop examining files scattered all over the floor.

Ignore the files however, and head over to the window to find his desk and more importantly, to the right, a picture on the wall. It may seem inconspicuous but head over to the desk and look under it to spot a button you can press, doing so will slide the picture to the side and reveal the wall safe that requires a six digit code to again access to. While you’re here, be sure to open the drawer, you’ll find the Key to Jason Moore’s archives that will open the locked door in this room. This will allow you to gain access to a Safe Zone and another vital piece of intel for the Prince.

How to Solve the Wall Safe Puzzle

Back to the matter at hand, you’ll need to head elsewhere to locate the clue you need to gain entry to the wall safe. Leave the office and head over to his wife’s office on the same floor and near the blueprints of the Pura Vida extension, you’ll spot a phone on the side. Take a look at it and you’ll see Jason ask his wife about the safe code, at which point her reply will be “Yes, it’s June’s date of birth this time.”.

Fueled by this knowledge, your next task is to discover what June’s date of birth is, and you’ll want to head into June’s bedroom. Take a look on her wall and you’ll see it’s littered with pictures and memories. If you look carefully to the left, you’ll see a picture of June celebrating her fourth birthday, with the date “04/09/2015”. From this, you can work out her date of birth, just subtract four years and you’ll end up with “04/09/2011”.

(1 of 3) Youll find the first clue, Junes date of birth, on the phone in Moores wifes office

Take this knowledge with you back to the office and interact with the wall safe, if you take a closer look at the keypad, you’ll notice that there is blood on some of the digits. You’ll also come to learn that the code is six digits, and June’s date of birth is eight digits. This means you have to choose between having one digit for each month, or two digits for the year (instead of four). Looking at the blood on the digits will show you that 2 has not been used, which effectively rules out 2011.

With all of this in mind, you can then put everything together and enter the correct code: 0 - 4 - 0 - 9 - 1 - 1. Once you insert the code, the safe will open and you’ll be able to collect the Report about Dr. Dunham, one of they pieces of intel you’re here at the apartment for.


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