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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Exfiltrate Moore from his Apartment Without Killing Anyone

Ben Chard

Scene 02 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong sees Galeb head to Jason Moore’s apartment to find out what happened there. This particular encounter is entirely optional, but if you fulfil the right conditions, there’s two Traits and a Trophy/Achievement to be had.

Exfiltrating Moore in Scene 02 can lead to two Traits and a Trophy.

How to Find Jason Moore’s Panic Room

The main objective for Scene 02 is to locate what happened to Jason Moore and the events at his apartment. After some exploration, you’ll learn that he had a security system installed and once you check the Master Bedroom, you’ll notice blood around the area. Once you head into the bathroom, you’ll notice that you can interact with it and, more importantly, can dial out on it. This is the Mirror Phone puzzle and you can find our solution for that by heading to the Mirror Phone puzzle solution page. Once you do successfully open the door though, pause before you head through the door, as it’s a point of no return and you’ll want to ensure the following steps have been taken:

Make sure you have no further business in this Scene

Have you completed the main objective here, to locate all of the files on the people the Prince asked you for? Have you searched thoroughly and picked up every consumable? Have you been to the parking garage, spoke to Wyatt, and looted the cars for additional items (you can return from the garage by taking the lift back up). Make sure you’ve done all of this before you move on to the next step.

Order Dana Lehane to leave

You’ll next need to make sure you’ve discovered that Dana Lehane is a Ghoul and order her to leave. When speaking to her, you can use Dominate to get her to give you the Appendix to the report about Jara Drory. Then, at the end of the conversation, you can use Dominate again to “Order her to leave”, forcing her out of the apartment and away from Galeb during the escape scene later.

(1 of 5) Make sure you order Dana Lehane to leave

Lower your Hunger

The final step you’ll need to take is to ensure your Hunger is zero, or as low as possible, you’ll be needing it for several timed choices during the escape scene. There are three Safe Zones in this Scene, the Gardening Storage on the ground floor, the Archives Room upstairs (you’ll need the key from Jason Moore’s desk near the wall safe), and the Staff Locker Room found in the garage. With that in mind, you’ll be able to lure a human to these spots and hopefully lower your Hunger to zero.

Once you’ve made sure that you’ve completed all of these steps, return to the Master Bedroom and head through the secret door you opened up via the Mirror Phone puzzle earlier to proceed to the escape scene.

Exfiltrating Moore

As you step downstairs and find Jason on the chair, you’ll earn the Detective Trait for Galeb, lowering the cost of your next Deduction level. After Galeb speaks with Jason and learns the reality of what really went down in the apartment, you’ll get the chance to ask him some questions before ordering him that it’s time to go, triggering the escape sequence that will end this Scene.

Jason Moore will follow closely behind Galeb during the following scene, and you’ll have several timed choices to make. Your choices will impact whether Galeb will kill anyone during this sequence, thus voiding the requirements for the Parley Trophy/Achievement. Note that the Hunger requirements may change based on how you’ve developed your Galeb.

Once the sequence begins, be sure to select the following choices:

  1. Deceive Him (3 Hunger)
  2. Erase Her Memory (3 Hunger)
  3. Neutralize Him (3 Hunger)
  4. Take Him Hostage

Following these choices, you’ll successfully get Moore out of the apartment without killing anyone, you’ll obtain the Parley Achievement/Trophy and the Make no waves Trait. You’ll have one final choice here, about whether to take him to the Prince or Let him go and you’ll want to take him to the prince, this will help in identifying a traitor within the Boston Camarilla later.

You will obtain a Trait if you dont kill anyone during the escape.


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