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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

Choice: Stay Focused or Give in to a Premonition

Ben Chard

Scene 01 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong will introduce you to the main characters, Emem, Leysha, and Galeb, while introducing the core mechanics of the game. This all takes place in the Prince’s Quarter, and you’ll have some important choices to make.

You will get a choice with Leysha as she spies on Emem and Journey.

Emem and Journey

Before you even gain control of Leysha for the first time, you’ll end the Emem section of Scene 01 with a major choice to make. Based on the choice and outcome you’re aiming for here, should frame your thinking about the choice you’ll take here with Leysha straight after. The short and simple of it all is that if you’re looking to gain Emem’s Trait in Scene 01, you should have Journey run, whereas if you’re more interested in Leysha’s Trait here, you should agree to take Journey to the Prince. You can find more in-depth details about this choice on its respective page.

Should you Stay Focused or Give in to a Premonition?

This is the second major decision in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong and what you choose here will impact Scenes much later in the game. You’ll be prompted for this decision once you gain control of Leysha and she heads to Jara Drory’s room. She’ll witness Emem and Journey speaking and then you’ll be given this choice, of which you only have a short amount of time to make your decision.

Stay Focused

Choosing to stay focus will allow Leysha to witness the full dialogue between Emem and Journey. How valuable this information is relies on your choice given by Emem to take her to the prince or tell her to run. If you witness Emem telling her to run, resist the Premonition and witness the conversation.

(1 of 2) Be sure to tell the Prince what you learned if you Stay Focused

Be sure to tell the Prince what you learned if you Stay Focused (left), this will open up another choice for Emem later. (right)

Later, when you report your findings to Prince, you’ll be given the option to say Emem convinced Journey to leave which you should also choose to do. This will prompt the Prince to question Emem about this in the following scene where you should elect to tell the Prince the truth and gain the A Sin Confessed Trait for her.

Choosing to Stay Focused when Emem has already agreed to take Journey to the Prince results in no useful rewards as Emem is doing as she’s been ordered to by the Prince.

Give in to a Premonition

Choosing to give in to the premonition will allow Leysha to witness a future event involving what appears to be Leysha alone in an unknown location. More importantly, you’ll gain the Introspective Trait for Leysha, this will grant -20 to the next experience cost for the Auspex Discipline for Leysha, making it a lucrative Trait if you’re aiming to increase that Discipline.

Youll obtain a Trait for Leysha should you give in to a premonition.

Scene 01 has more than just this choice for you to contend with, and you can find out more information on those by visiting those pages:


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