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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Complete the Mirror Phone Puzzle as Galeb

Ben Chard

Scene 02 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong sees Galeb head to Jason Moore’s apartment to find out what happened there. Throughout this scene you will encounter many puzzles, and one of them is an optional, but important one that is needed in order to unlock the route towards an Achievement/Trophy.

The mirror phone puzzle in Scene 02 will have many players confused as to where the code can be found.

Where to Find the Mirror Phone Puzzle

As you progress through the Scene, you’ll meet Ethan Adams, the butler, in the lounge. Once you’ve calmed him down and are able to speak to him, you’ll learn a little more about what went down and he’ll hand over the Caretaker’s magnetic key card, this will allow you to access the entirety of the apartment.

As you make your way through the apartment and head upstairs, you’ll find some bookshelves near where Dana Lehane is standing and, upon looking on the ground, you’ll find files which pertain to security systems including a panic room. As you head through the rest of this upstairs area, you’ll eventually find the Master Bedroom and within it, an ensuite bathroom. Take a look at the large mirror in there and you’ll see that you can interact with it. Not only will it give you the latest news, but you can also dial out on it.

How to Solve the Mirror Phone Puzzle

This hides a secret behind it, and if you’ve been paying attention to the clues scattered around this apartment, you’ll learn that there is a panic room somewhere. Putting two and two together, you can deduce that this will lead you to said panic room via process of elimination, however, you’ll need to crack the code and dial the correct number.

This journal provides a vital clue for the code, specifically, PURA VIDA.

The clue you’re looking for can be found in a diary located in the lounge, on a small coffee table that sits near the windows. When examining this journal, you’ll see a note with the following message:

“In case of emergency

You’ll notice the heavy emphasis on PURA VIDA, the location where Jason’s wife would often go and visit and of course, what could be more of an emergency than this current situation. Of course, PURA VIDA isn’t a numerical code so you may wonder how you can use this particular piece of information to your advantage?

Return to the mirror phone located in the bathroom of the Master Bedroom and when you access the keypad, you’ll notice letters for each number (a callback to those of us who used to send text messages before Smart Phones were a thing!). Fueled by this knowledge, you can then enter the code based on the letters of PURA VIDA, giving you the following answer:

  • Solution: 7 (P) - 8 (U) - 7 (R) - 2 (A), 8 (V) - 4 (I) - 3 (D) - 2 (A)

Dial this code based on the letters of PURA VIDA to open the secret door.

Input this into the mirror phone and you’ll unlock the panic room, where you’ll find Jason Moore hiding inside. This is an optional objective, and the end of this Scene will play out differently but there is the Parley Achievement/Trophy to unlock in the process. You can find out more about how to exfiltrate Moore from his apartment on the following page.

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