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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Unlock the A Sin Confessed Trait

Ben Chard

Information on how to unlock A Sin Confessed Trait when playing as Emem in the Prince’s Quarter (Scene 01) in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. This is a Trait that can be easily missed if you don’t choose specific choices throughout the Scene.

A Sin Confessed is a tricky Trait to unlock in Scene 01.

A Sin Confessed is one of the easier Traits to miss when playing through Scene 01 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong, especially as the first choice which puts you on the path for it can be tough to decide what to choose. To unlock A Sin Confessed, you must follow the steps below to get the choice that will grant you the chance for this elusive Trait.

Take Her to the Prince or She Should Run

This choice here is the first hurdle in your way of unlocking the A Sin Confessed Trait. As Emem, you’re tasked with finding Journey Atkins and bringing her to the Prince so that she can explain herself with regards to the Code Red. More importantly, you’ll have to decide on if you want to work towards unlocking this Trait, or the Introspective Trait for Leysha, both are useful but since you’re here to learn about the A Sin Confessed Trait, let’s proceed with that.

When you finally locate Journey at Jara Drory’s apartment, you’ll be given the option to “Take Her to the Prince or She Should Run”. This is the first split of your requirements for this Trait. Simply put, you must tell her that She Should Run, at which point a Confrontation with Journey will follow. This acts more a tutorial, but choose the follow to convince her to flee:

  1. “Make her think I have evidence against her” (Requires Persuasion 2)
  2. “April”
  3. The Anarchs will help you

Stay Focused or Give in to a Premonition

You’ll soon be in control of Leysha for the first time, and before you can even control her yourself, you’ll have the next timed choice. As Leysha is eavesdropping on the conversation between Emem and Journey, you’ll want to choose “Stay Focused” so that Leysha can witness Emem convincing Journey to flee and in turn, betraying the Prince. If you opt to Give in to a Premonition instead, you’ll gain the Introspective Trait for Leysha but lose your chance at A Sin Confessed.

With Leysha having witnessed the event, play through her segment until you reach the end, where she’ll give her report to the Prince. Here, be sure to deliver the information to her and then once this segment concludes, it will unlock a new segment for Emem.

I Told Her to Leave or Pretend you never Found Her

This third and final choice is easily missable if you didn’t choose the above choices beforehand. It may seem like Emem has landed herself in a world of trouble, but this can work in your favor to unlock the A Sin Confessed Trait.

(1 of 2) Choose to Tell the Truth when given the choice with the Prince

Choose to Tell the Truth when given the choice with the Prince (left), this will startle her and grant you the A Sin Confessed Trait. (right)

Once Emem is bought to the Prince, she’ll ask you about the location of Journey, at which point you’ll be asked to choose “I Told Her to Leave or Pretend you never Found Her and although you may be tempted to lie to the Prince, as the player, you’re already aware that the Prince knows full well what went down. Instead, opt to stand your ground and tell her the truth, the Prince will still be furious, but will startled by your honesty, unlocking A Sin Confessed… in the process.

What does the A Sin Confessed Trait do?

Now that you have this Trait, you may wonder what this actually does for Emem. With this Trait, Emem will have a +10% success rate in all Rhetoric ties, this means that it will be much easier to win a Rhetoric dialogue check if you and your opponent are tied for the Rhetoric skill. This may not seem a lot, but it certainly adds up over the course of the game with other bonuses.

There is plenty more to see and do in Scene 01, and you can access more details about in the following pages:


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