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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Unlock the Merciful Trait

Ben Chard

Information on how to unlock the Merciful Trait when playing as Leysha in the Prince’s Quarter (Scene 01) in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. This is a Trait that requires some light exploration when you gain control of Leysha.

The Merciful Trait requires some light exploration with Leysha in Scene 01.

Unlike the other Traits in Scene 01 of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong, this one is not earned through dialogue or choices, instead, it’s earned by some careful detective work when controlling Leysha. Likewise, because this is not tied to any choices or dialogue checks, you can earn this along with the other Traits.

Where to find the File on the Unification party planning

To earn the Merciful Trait, Leysha will need to essentially prove Journey’s innocence for the Code Red situation that is gripping Boston at the moment. Once you have full control over Leysha, you’ll find yourself in Jara Drory’s apartment and this is where you’ll want to be. Head over to the computer and then look up to the shelves to the left of it, you’ll spot many folders. What may catch your eye, however, is the pink folder that clearly stands out from the rest of them.

Examine it, and Leysha will deduce that this is all of Journey’s notes on the planning of the party, proving that she did everything by the book and there’s no foul play intended. Leysha will snatch the File on the Unification party planning and you’ll update your objective in the process.

(1 of 2) Snatch the pink file on the shelves to the left of Jara Drory’s computer

Snatch the pink file on the shelves to the left of Jara Drory’s computer (left), then hand it over to the Prince at the end of the Scene to unlock the Merciful Trait. (right)

Continue through the rest of Leysha’s scene, hopefully completing the other tasks that the Prince has given her (for bonus experience) and once you return to Halsey and tell her that you’re done, you’ll return to the Prince and give your report. One such choice you’ll see here is “I picked up a file on our security…”, select this and Leysha will speak about the file you picked up earlier and explain to the Prince about her findings, unlocking the Merciful Trait in the process.

What does the Merciful Trait do?

Now that you have this Trait, you may wonder what this actually does for Leysha. With this Trait, Leysha will have a 10% success rate in all future Rhetoric ties, this means that it will be much easier to win a Rhetoric dialogue check if you and your opponent are tied for the Rhetoric skill. This may not seem a lot, but it certainly adds up over the course of the game with other bonuses, especially as Rhetoric is one of the more common skills to be used in the game.

There is plenty more to see and do in Scene 01, and you can access more details about in the following pages:

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