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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Complete the Confrontations with Halsey

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to win the confrontations with Halsey in Leysha’s second scene (Scene 03) in Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong. How to reassure Halsey and earn the Mom of the Year achievement.

In Leysha’s second scene (Scene 03) you’ll have three confrontations with Halsey, who reacts negatively to the carnage strewn throughout the area. Each time you’re forced to interact with her, you’ll need to reassure her. This involves correctly solving three riddles as well as picking other correct dialogue options regarding Richard and Halsey’s relationship with Leysha. Succeeding at keeping Halsey calm throughout the scene will complete a bonus objective (earning you extra XP) and will unlock the Mom of the Year achievement.

Answer Halseys first riddle.

First Confrontation with Halsey

The first confrontation with Halsey will occur shortly into the scene, after you use Obfuscate to copy the uniform of a Homicide Officer. Pass through the police tape to enter the second room and Halsey will appear. Tell her “Let’s take a time out” to succeed at phase one, then after she asks a riddle, respond with “I think it’s… Fire.”.

Winning this confrontation will earn you +2 Willpower and -2 Hunger, which offsets the Hunger accumulated from witnessing the carnage in the room. More incentive to succeed at these encounters.

Answer Halseys second riddle.

Second Confrontation with Halsey

Go through a door to enter the loft proper then turn right. After a scene with some cops and feds discussing what to do with various staked corpses, continue through the large living room and when you find some more police tape blocking your path, turn down the hallway to the right. Halsey will be waiting at the end of the hallway, and when you approach she’ll express apprehension again before posing you another riddle. Answer with “I know… The cold.”. Halsey will then proceed to complain about voices, then Richard. Tell her “Yes…”, then finish up with “Yes”.

Once again, you’ll earn +2 Willpower and -2 Hunger.

Answer Halseys third riddle.

Third Confrontation with Halsey

After the second confrontation, enter the kitchen, talk to Officer Opuedo, then use Obscucate to copy a Forensics Specialist uniform. Change in a nearby Safe Room (there’s one off the hallway where the second Halsey confrontation occurred), then cross the police tape just outside the kitchen. Halsey will appear shortly thereafter and guide you into another Safe Room, where the third confrontation will occur. Answer her third riddle with “I know… Her Childe”, after which Halsey will complain about Richard again. Deflect with “But I love her”.

Just like the last two times, success will earn you +2 Willpower and -2 Hunger.

This should be sufficient to reassure Halsey, completing the bonus objective (which won’t be revealed until the end of the scene) and earning you the aforementioned Mom of the Year achievement.


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