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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Open the Box on Jara Drory's Bed

Ben Chard

Scene 05 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong will see the three main protagonists return the Prince’s Quarter to deliver their reports on their tasks. This all takes place in the Prince’s Quarter, and you’ll have some important choices to make and along with some puzzles.

Youll need to locate a diagram to open the box on Jara Drorys bed.

Where to find the Box Puzzle in Scene 05

When you begin Scene 05, you’ll be in control of Galeb, and shortly you’ll be given an important choice, to help Kaius in Security or speak with Berel about Xu Feng, both important decisions that has an impact on your game. The box puzzle, however, can only be found in you decide to go and help Kaius, so be sure to choose that early on in Galeb’s Scene.

Once you’ve agreed to help Kaius, head down to Secuirty and speak with him, after explaining his theory, he’ll ask if you can investigate Jara Drory’s apartment and plant a bug in her computer. Agree, and you’ll obtain the key to her apartment, if you refuse, you’ll lose this opportunity. Make your way back up to the Council’s Quarters and use the key to enter her apartment, once you make your way inside, you’ll spot the box on the bed.

How to Solve the Box Puzzle

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the box is currently locked, and you’ll need to turn the handle to the left or right in a specific order before pressing the button on the left to open it. Simply guessing would take far too long a time to open this elusive box, so surely there must be a clue around here somewhere.

(1 of 4) Youll find the first diagram piece in the bin

Head over to the bin in the corner of this room and you’ll find Torn diagram (left) which, when inspected, will show you one of the turns you’ll need to use. Move over to the desk now and take a closer look, you’ll find Torn diagram (right) and upon having both in your inventory, you’ll automatically combine them to get the full diagram. The diagram shows you the directions you need to wind it before pressing the button to open it. That order is:

  1. Left
  2. Right
  3. Right
  4. Press the button

If you follow these directions, the box will open, allowing Galeb at the contents inside. You’ll find Jara Drory’s notebook hidden away here which appears to document Jara’s own investigation into who she believes may be the traitor in the Camarilla. This essentially absolves Jara of any wrongdoing and will be useful for Kaius in his investigation to discover who the Camarilla traitor is. Before you leave this area, be sure to take the time to plant the bug on the computer, this is one of the main objectives for Galeb so you won’t want to leave without doing so.

Scene 05 has more than just this Confrontation for you to contend with, and you can find out more information on those by visiting those pages:


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