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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Unlock the Tremere Concoction Trait

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Tremere Concoction trait in Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong, including gameplay information about the trait and how to obtain it.

What Does the Tremere Concoction Trait Do?

In Emem’s second scene (Scene 04 - Unknown) you’ll need to make repeated use of the Celerity Discipline. Most of the time you’ll be using the Blink ability (Celerity Rank I), but there’s one significant puzzle that requires you to use Fleetness, which requires Celerity Rank II - the Lever puzzle.

Progress through Emem’s second scene until you perform your second Blink jump, after recovering your first missing memory (while looking at the Jefferson Library sign). You should find yourself on a ledge with a well-furnished study across from some sundered stairs that lead to a tower.

(1 of 2) To get past the gates youll need to use Fleetness.

To get past the gates youll need to use Fleetness. (left), With Fleetness active, pull either the left or right lever, then make a run for the cell-laden hallways before the portcullis closes. (right)

Enter the study and turn right to spot three levers on the wall. The middle one is inoperable, but the right and left levers will lower portcullises blocking the cell-laden hallways just outside the study. The right lever (facing the levers on the wall) will lower the portcullis blocking the left hallway (facing away from the study) while the left lever will lower the right portcullis. Lowering the portcullises will block the hallways, but remove the seals on the cells within allowing you access provided you can get past the portcullises fast enough. The cells collectively hide three of Emem’s lost memories, not to mention numerous vessels and rats she can feast on, should she need to lower her Hunger. You can also find the Tremere Brooch in one of the cells, so it’s well worth your while to get past those portcullises.

On the very likely occurrence you didn’t spend the fairly significant amount of XP required to unlock Celerity Rank II you’ll be unable to use Fleetness, hence you won’t be fast enough to pull one of the levers and make it under its corresponding portcullis before it closes, locking you out of all the aforementioned content.

Enter the Tremere Concoction trait.

This trait will give Emem +1 Celerity for the rest of the scene, enabling her to artificially use Fleetness even if she couldn’t do so based on her own XP investments.

(1 of 2) If you dont have Celerity Rank II, grab and consume the Tremere Potion off a desk in the study to give yourself the Tremere Concoction trait.

If you dont have Celerity Rank II, grab and consume the Tremere Potion off a desk in the study to give yourself the Tremere Concoction trait. (left), The Tremere Concoction trait will boost your Celerity by +1 for the rest of the scene. (right)

How to Get the Tremere Concoction Trait

Unlike most traits, the Tremere Concoction trait isn’t gained as a result of story/dialogue options, but rather it’s gained by… drinking a potion. On a desk in the same study where the lever puzzle’s eponymous levers are located you’ll find the Tremere Potion. If you drink it you’ll gain +1 Celerity for the rest of the scene, and since you’ve got access to Celerity Rank I by default, drinking this potion will suffice to get you temporary access to Celerity Rank II and the Fleetness ability that comes with it.

If you don’t have Celerity Rank II by default, you may want to drink the Tremere Potion to complete Scene 04 in a satisfactory manner. On the other hand, if you already have Celerity Rank II you can just hold onto the Tremere Potion for later, potentially saving even more XP by not having to invest in a higher rank later.


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