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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Find and Talk to the Surviving Witness

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to find and talk to the surviving witness in Leysha’s second scene (Scene 03 - The Loft) in Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong, including where to find the First Aid Kit and the Key to the First Aid Kit, and how to get the Adrenaline.

During Leysha’s second scene (Scene 03 - The Loft) you can find and talk to a survivor of the attack on the unification celebration. Doing so will fulfill a bonus objective and earn you some XP, but it takes a bit of effort - it’s not as straight-forward as just finding the survivor, as you’ll also need to find a way to rouse them so they can actually speak.

Where is the Surviving Witness?

The witness to the unification attack can be found in a bedroom fairly far into the scene. After the intro conversation with Halsey, Obfuscate to copy the uniform of a Homicide Officer, pass through the police tape to enter the second room and get through the first confrontation with Halsey. Check out the link for more information about how to win the series of three confrontations you’ll have with Halsey, all of which must be dealt with en route to the witness.

Once done, go through a door to the loft proper and turn right, passing through the living room where you’ll be treated to a scene of some cops and feds divvying up the crime scene. Continue forward and when you reach a fork turn right down a hallway, where you’ll have your second confrontation with Halsey.

To your right is the Safe Room - Bathroom, which will be useful in a bit. First, however, go through a door to the left to reach the kitchen, talk to Officer Opuedo (he can be found standing nearby in the kitchen), then use Obscucate to copy a Forensics Specialist uniform. Change in the Safe Room - Bathroom, then cross the police tape just outside the kitchen. Halsey will appear shortly thereafter and guide you into another Safe Room, where the third confrontation with Halsey will occur.

After the third encounter with Halsey, exit the Safe Room - Laundry Room and turn right. Head down the hallway and go through the door to the left. You’ll find the witness in the room beyond, suspended over a bed in some odd… bamboo bondage rig. Unfortunately the survivor clearly isn’t in the best condition at the moment, and if you want to rouse him so he can relate what he witnessed, you’ll need to do some more legwork.

(1 of 2) Search the corner of the balcony to find a First Aid Kit,

Search the corner of the balcony to find a First Aid Kit, (left), inside of which is some Adrenaline… provided you can get the First Aid Kit open. (right)

How to Find the Key From the First Aid Kit

Exit the room where the survivor is hanging out and go through a door across the hall to find another bedroom, inside of which you’ll find Richard. When you enter the room a scene will trigger and you’ll shortly find yourself engaged in a confrontation with Richard (see the linked page for information on how to win this confrontation). Win or lose, the confrontation with Richard has no effect on your ability to revive the survivor.

When you’re done with Richard - for better or worse - go through a hole in the wall to the left, which exits out to the balcony. When you reach the balcony turn left and approach the agent blocking your way forward. Copy his suit to obtain the Government Agent outfit, backtrack to a Safe Room and change into this new outfit, then return to the balcony. You should now gain access to the main part of the balcony.

(1 of 2) Search a crate on the balcony,

Search a crate on the balcony, (left), to find the Key From the First Aid Kit. (right)

Once you get past the agent who was blocking your path, turn right and search the corner of the balcony to find a first aid kit. You should be able to spot some Adrenaline inside, and if you pass a Security 2 check you can unlock the first aid kit and grab said Adrenaline. This isn’t necessary, however, and unless you want to burn some Willpower, there’s another way of getting inside this First Aid Kit.

Search a gray container in the center of the wood floored section of the balcony and you should be able to scan around for a key. Examine it and you’ll obtain the Key From the First Aid Kit, which will open up said First Aid Kit and allow you to grab the Adrenaline.

(1 of 2) Find the survivor in a bedroom,

Find the survivor in a bedroom, (left), and use the adrenaline from the first aid kit to revive him temporarily. (right)

How to Talk to the Surviving Witness

With the Adrenaline in hand, return to the room with the witness and inject him. He’ll come to and despite being moribund, you can ask him a few questions. He reveals little of interest, but getting him to talk will complete the objective and earn you some XP when the mission ends, nonetheless.


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