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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Complete the Confrontation with Berel Underwood

Ben Chard

Scene 05 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong will see the three main protagonists return the Prince’s Quarter to deliver their reports on their tasks. This all takes place in the Prince’s Quarter, and you’ll have some important choices to make and along with some puzzles.

Head to Berels apartment in Scene 05 and you can Confront him.

Speak with Berel in his apartment

As you start Scene 05 with Galeb, you’ll soon have to make an important decision, do you go and help Kaius with his issue down in security, or go and have a word with Berel about his involvement with Xu Feng, you can do only one of these. Helping Kaius will lead to a puzzle and is all centered around smoking out the traitor in the Camarilla, whereas speaking with Berel will have major impacts on the events of both of these characters and is arguably the better use of Galeb’s time here.

As you may expect, the confrontation with Berel will only take place if you’ve chosen to speak to him, so you may have to restart the level if you’re already on your way to Kaius. You’ll find Berel in his apartment, located in the Council’s Quarters, head inside and speak with him, you’ll soon get the opportunity to start a Confrontation with him.

How to Win the Confrontation with Berel

You should be well customed in how Confrontations work by now, but the objective is to win each stage before you use up all of your misses allowed for that current Confrontation. What’s more, you’ll need to win the final stage to win the confrontation, otherwise the final stage will repeat until you win or use up all your misses. For this particular Confrontation, you’re allowed 2 misses and there are five stages in total.

Once the Confrontation begins, answer the statements with the following answers to pressure Berel into no longer interfering with Xu Feng:

  1. “I know he saw her here!”
  2. “Let me worry about her”
  3. “Defend” (Requires Psychology 4)
  4. “He’s being disloyal”
  5. “Because I might lose my temper” (Requires Intimidation 2)

Youre only allowed 2 misses in a 5 stage Confrontation with Berel.

Once the Confrontation comes to an end, if you were successful, Galeb makes it clear to Berel that he’s no longer to interfere with Xu Feng and have no further contact with her. This will prevent Berel and Xu Feng’s relationship from progressing any further and opens up new possibilities for Galeb and Xu Feng later in the game. These are Ending outcomes for all three characters and thus, is a Confrontation you should look to complete during your time as Galeb in Scene 05.

Scene 05 has more than just this Confrontation for you to contend with, and you can find out more information on those by visiting those pages:


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