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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Gather all the Reports about the Primogen

Ben Chard

Scene 02 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong sees Galeb head to Jason Moore’s apartment to find out what happened there. Throughout this scene you will encounter many puzzles, many of which that needs to be completed so that you can access all of the intel for the Prince.

There is an assortment of Reports to track down in Scene 02.

One of Galeb’s main objectives throughout Scene 02 in Moore’s Apartment is to track down his reports on the Primogen for the Prince. This is a task that requires you to fully explore every nook and cranny and you’ll need keys and to solve some puzzles to get every last one.

Where to Find Dajan Saka’s Report

The first, and easiest, report to find on your list is that of Dajan Saka, the Warlock that Emem met back in Scene 01. To locate this file, you’ll need to make your way upstairs and into Jason Moore’s apartment. In here, you’ll find a locked door near all the scattered files on the floor, head over to Jason’s desk by the window and open the drawer, inside you’ll find the Key to Jason Moore’s archives.

(1 of 2) Youll find the key to the archives in Jasons desk drawer

Youll find the key to the archives in Jasons desk drawer (left), inside the archives room is Dajans report. (right)

Pocket it, and return to the locked door to open it, unlocking the Moore’s Archives safe zone in the process. This is a great place to bring a Vessel, should you need to lower your Hunger later in this scene. More importantly however, take a look on the desk to your right as you enter this room to locate a file, snatch this to obtain the Report about Dajan Saka.

Where to Find Jara Drory’s Report

Next on your list is Jara Drory’s Report, this too, is located upstairs, although you’ll need to work a little harder for it this time. Leave Jason Moore’s office and immediately turn right, you’ll find someone waiting at the end, pouring over a file. Use Sense the Unseen and you’ll detect that this person is actually a Ghoul, a retainer that’s also been sent to the apartment.

(1 of 2) Use See the Unseen to detect Dana is a Ghoul

Use See the Unseen to detect Dana is a Ghoul (left), then speak with her to demand Jaras report. (right)

Speak with her to learn her name is Dana Lehane who informs you that she works for the Council. Galeb will demand to know what the file is, and she’ll immediately hand over the Report about Jara Drory. You’ll next be able to quiz her on just how much she knows and as soon as you get the chance, use Dominate to say “I want what she’s found! and you’ll obtain the Appendix to the report about Jara Drory. If you find yourself struggling with the Dominate skill check, consider heading down to the garage and finding Quentin King’s Vitae in the dumpsters (you’ll need Wyatt to open this for you), this will make it easier to Dominate people until the end of the current scene.

Where to Find Richard Dunham’s Report

This next report will require you to complete a puzzle to open the Wall Safe in Jason’s office (where you found the Archives room previously). To reveal the safe in the first place, you’ll need to press the button under his desk, then make your way up to June’s bedroom and look at her photos to learn her date of birth. Return to the office and input the code using what you have learned (040911), inside you’ll be able to pocket the Report about Richard Dunham.

Unlock the wall safe to pocket Richards report.

Where to Find Berel Underwood’s Report

Berel Underwood is the next target on your list, and this is one you should happen upon without much hassle. While still searching upstairs, make your way into Jason’s bedroom and take a look on the bed itself, you’ll find a bag here with a file sticking out of the top. Interact with it and you’ll pocket the Report about Berel Underwood along with the Car Key, this is needed for the final piece of intel.

Berels report is waiting in Jasons bag on his bed in the bedroom.

Where to Find Hilda McAndrews’s Report

The fifth and final report is located elsewhere, in the parking garage so you’ll need to first ensure you’ve obtained the Caretaker’s magnetic key card, earned by calming down Ethan Adams in the lounge. With this in had, head to the lift and ride it down the parking garage. After you’re briefly stopped, head over to the black car in front of you and use the key to open it, in the back you’ll find the Report about Hilda McAndrews. With this, you have all of the reports needed on the Primogen, leaving you free to pursue other tasks in this Scene.

(1 of 2) Make your way down to the garage and over to the black car

Make your way down to the garage and over to the black car (left), open it with the key found with Berels report to locate Hildas report. (right)


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