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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

How to Complete the Music Box Puzzle with Leysha

Ben Chard

Scene 07 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong sees Leysha journey to the Red Salon to track down Richard Dunham. Throughout this scene you will encounter many puzzles, and two of them are required to fulfil her ultimate goal of tracking down Richard Dunham, the second being the Music Box puzzle.

Youll need to solve the Book puzzle before you can access the Music Box puzzle in Scene 07.

Where to Find the Music Box Puzzle

As you progress through Leysha’s scene, you’ll learn that Richard Dunham can be found in the basement. In order to access the basement, you’ll first need to acquire the Staff Keycard that is located in the main bar, sitting on the side just before you head out to the back. Once you have that in hand, proceed through to the back and go through the door with a “Staff Only” sign sitting outside where you’ll find a lift to take you down to the basement.

Here, you’ll have two directions that you can go, with the left path taking you towards the TrajaX storage areas. Ignore this path, and instead head down the white corridor to the right where you’ll come across two rooms. Both of these are important for the Music Box puzzle, the first will be where you’ll find a clue and the room at the far end leads to where the Music Box puzzle awaits.

You may notice that there’s a bookshelf that you can interact with, and this will lead you to the Book puzzle that you must first complete. Once you’ve pulled the books in the correct order, the bookshelf will slide along and you’ll see the Music Box which is the final layer of security.

How to Solve the Music Box Puzzle

This particular puzzle is trickier than the previous one, but once again the clue comes from the same file. If you return to the office in the same white corridor and look at the file on the Richard’s computer once more, you’ll see the following passage at the bottom of the first page:

“Thus, the origin myth of Oedipus will show the way to a solution to the one who can interpret it…
Always. It will reveal the tormented secrets of the Blood in all its darkness.”

Where have you seen the name Oedipus before? That’s right, the paintings back in the library. Return to the room and take a close look at the paintings, you’ll see the titles below are numbered and you can use this to arrange the swans in their correct order. From left to right, the solution to this puzzle is as follows:

  1. Facing west
  2. Facing southwest
  3. Facing south
  4. Facing Southeast

(1 of 3) The second page of the same file gives you a hint about the music box puzzle

Once you have the swans in position, hit the confirm button and the music box will begin playing, reveal a secret lab hidden behind it. Make sure you’ve finished all of your business before stepping into the room, you’ll trigger a scene that will start the ending sequence of this Scene and won’t be able to return upstairs. You’ll also obtain a Trait for Leysha upon entering this room if you failed the Berel Underwood objective in this Scene. The Lines that must not be crossed Trait that grants +15% success rate in a Rhetoric tie but -15% success rate in a Psychology tie.

There are plenty more tasks to undertake in Scene 07, and you can access more details about in the following pages:


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