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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

Choice: Take the Treatment or No, Halsey Stays with Me

Ben Chard

Scene 05 in Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong will see the three main protagonists return the Prince’s Quarter to deliver their reports on their tasks . This all takes place in the Prince’s Quarter, and you’ll have some important choices to make.

Leysha will have the tough choice of whether to take Richards treatment to remove Halsey.

Leysha is the last character you’ll be controlling during the events of Scene 05 and you’ll soon have a conversation with Richard where he reveals a devastating piece of information for Leysha, Halsey is not real, and is a figment of her imagination (you may have already deduced this yourself). More importantly, he’ll hand over some medicine that will remove the hallucinations of Halsey.

Before you get to make that decision, however, you’ll first return to Prince where you can grill her on the information you’ve just learned. After learning that the Prince believes nobody should change who Leysha is, she’ll leave the decision to her as to whether you’ll take the treatment or not. Once Leysha leaves the Prince she’ll find herself on her own, with an important choice to make, Take the Treatment and remove the hallucinations of Halsey or opt to keep the hallucinations and avoid taking the treatment.

Take the Treatment

Taking the treatment will have the expected outcome, you’ll bid farewell to your visions of Halsey but, in the process, gain the Moving On Trait. This Trait will grant -30 to the next experience cost for the Social Attribute, making it much easier to gain a level and pass Social skill checks.

In terms of the outcomes of this decision, this means that Halsey will not be present with Leysha in the next few scenes, meaning you’ll miss out on some optional scenes although there are no major outcomes of this. This is arguably the better option due to the Trait you’ll gain from it.

Choosing to take the treatment will grant Leysha the Moving On Trait.

No, Halsey Stays with Me!

If you decide to forego the treatment that Richard gave Leysha, you’ll stay and chat with Halsey for a while. There is no Trait to gain from this, but you will keep Halsey around with you for future Scenes as Leysha, granting optional dialogue and insight.

More importantly, she’ll make it easier to locate Richard himself in the S.A.D. Base, although it’s still possible to locate him without the aid of Halsey hallucination, you’ll just need to ensure you have at least four points of Security (or the necessary consumables to raise it). If you’re taking the Treatment, focus your next few levels on the Security skill so that this isn’t an option that comes back to haunt you later.

Scene 05 has more than just this Confrontation for you to contend with, and you can find out more information on those by visiting those pages:


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