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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Darktide Weapons List: All melee and ranged weapons (1.0.20)

Craig Robinson

Darktide has plenty of weapons, featuring a range of weapons all classes can use, and then special weapons reserved for specific classes. The result is a mixture of weapons for each class, which means players can build their own playstyle. The result of the matter is there’s always a role you can make for yourself, along with adapting to it for when you play with different parties. Here is a look at the weapons in Darktide, along with details on when players can expect to unlock the weapons in the game.

This page is updated as of the 1.0.20 patch. We have largely explained what the difference between the different MKs do and some details about what they are. You should find enough pockets of information on all 676 weapons currently in the game (at the time of writing).

Here is a closer look at the Darktide weapons in-game. Image via Fatshark.

Darktide Weapons list

We will split the weapons into primary and secondary weapons. Moreso, you can get an idea of what the weapons do, and when they unlock for the classes. If necessary, we will write some information on each weapon type to distinguish the differences between the weapons. Usually, these are largely different heavy attacks or weapons ming patterns or something minute like that.

Ranged weapons in Darktide

Darktide has plenty of ranged weapons, with many of them exclusive to certain classes, such as staves for Psykers.

Here is a closer look at all the ranged weapons available to the three human sized classes in Darktide (at the time of writing).


  • Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun - High Damage, High Capacity.
  • Kantrael IMG la Infantry Lasgun - Versatile, High Capacity
  • Accatran MK II Recon Lasgun - Rapid Fire, High Capacity, no recoil.
  • Accatran MK IV Recon Lasgun - Slightly better rate of fire than previous version.
  • Accatran MK VIIa Recon Lasgun - Veteran only version of the Recon Lasgun
  • Kantrael MG Mk IV - Versatile, High Capacity
  • Kantrael MG MK XII - Slightly different version to MK IV above
  • Lucius Helbore Mk I Lasgun - General all around DMR type weapon
  • Lucius Helbore Mk II Lasgun - More of a scatter shot version
  • Lucius Helbore Mk III Lasgun - Longer charge time but more charge damage

Most of the lasguns unlock really early on for the Veteran Sharpshooter. Zealot get some of he lasguns slightly later on, while the Psyker and the other classes get the Recon lasgun around level 20.

Recon Lasgun is a lazer beam in terms of accuracy, recoil, and an incredibly fast fire rate. The MG XII uses around four pieces of ammunition per shot but deals high damage. The LA infantry gun uses much less, ammo, and has very high reserve ammo and capacity. The Helborne also has a built in bayonette for its special and charges up to make it a powerful sniper like variation. Other weapons have minor difference,s based on recoil, weapon consumption and ammo reserves, being the general theme of lazguns.


  • Columnus MK V Infantry Autogun - Rapid Fire, Precise, larger ammo count, better recoil
  • Agripinaa MK 1 Infantry Autogun - Rapid Fire, Precise, Smaller ammo count, poor recoil
  • Graia MK VII Infantry Autogun - Rapid Fire, Precise, middling ammo count - Early game for Veteran, Zealot early teens, late teens for Zealot.
  • Columnus MkII Braced Autogun - Around level 10 for the Vet. Better rate of fire and accuracy but slightly less damage. - More reliable horde killing braced gun.
  • Agripinaa MK VIII Braced Autogun - braced autogun with slower rate of fire but meatier rounds - Pretty much a specialist killing Braced gun
  • Graia MK IV Braced Augoun - Higher magazine capacity version of the braced type weapons.
  • Agripinaa MK VIII Headhunter Autogun - two round burst with high recoil and high damage.
  • Vraks MK III Headhunter Autogun - Triple fire burst with similar recoil and lower round damage compared to Agri.
  • Vraks VII Headhunter Autogun - Silenced single shot semi automatic weapon.

The main differences between the Autoguns are the recoil control, munitions used per round fired and ammo, reserve ammo count, and recoil and accuracy. The Columbus 5 deals less damage than a Agripanaa, but has better recoil, and similar accuracy sway, for example.

The Vraks is the one that stands out, essentially playing as the M16, designed to burst targets as long as you can hit the weak spots of the enemy.

The general rule of thumb with autoguns is the Veteran gets these weapons around the level 10 mark, while the Zealot and Psyker can get these in the early to late teens level ranges..

Pistols and Shotguns

  • Lawbringer Mark VI Combat Shotgun - unlocks around level 8 for Zealot and Veteran
  • Accatran MG MK II Heavy Laspistol - Strong damage pistol with small ammo and reserve count, but deals high damage. Unlocks really low level for Psyker, Zealot and Veteran.
  • Ius Mk III Shredder Auto pistol - Rapid fire SMG machine pistol, good for clearing hordes. Unlocks low-level for all classes except for Ogryn.
  • Zarona Mark IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver - around level 10 for all characters except Ogryn. It can be lower level depending on store luck, and the amount of weapon unlocks you get. similar to the boltgun, albeit revolver format.

Special ranged weapons

  • Artemia Mk III Purgation Flamer - Zealot exclusive weapon, unlocks around level 13. Good crowd control and shreds non-armored enemies.
  • Plasma Gun - Veteran-exclusive weapon that can charge up to deal heavy damage to armored and carapace enemies. Seems to unlock late 20s, though is dependent on shop luck.
  • Locke MK II Spearhead Boltgun, High Damage, Piercing Shots - Boltgun that unlocks around level 20 for Vets and Zealots. Solid armor pen and decent at taking out multiple enemies lined up
  • Equinox MK IV Voidstrike Force Staff - Fireball with void theme - Around level 15 for Psyker.
  • Nomanus MK VI Surge Force Staff - Lightning Staff - Around level 20 for Pyker.
  • Equinox MK III Trauma Force Staff - Ground explosion Staff - around level 13 for Psyker.
  • Rifthaven Mk II Purgatus Force Staff - Flamer Staff - Around level 25 for the Psyker.

All staves are exclusive to the Psyker. Void strike heavy charges and empowered void like fireball attack. The Surge Force sends out a chain lightning, locking onto nearby enemies, dealing high damage, and chain-stunning other nearby enemies. The Trauma force staff empowers a blast from the ground that grows in size the longer it charges

Darktide Melee Weapons

Darktide has plenty of melee weapons, each with its own niche, along with iconic signature weapons, such as the Warhammer for Zealot. Image via Fatshark.

Here is a look at a list of Darktide melee weapons available for the non Ogryn classes. Note, the melee weapons are either class specific, and are separated by early game and late game, largely thanks to their importance and strengths.

Early game swords

  • Devil Claw Catachan MK VII - Likely available around level 8 onwards.
  • Devil Claw Catachan MK IV - Seems to become available in the low to mid-teens for the three human classes
  • Devil Claw Catachan MK 1 - Available from the start of the game or atleast very early on.
  • Catachan MK III Combat Blade - Assassin lie dagger, operates similar to dueling swords. Appear to unlock around the level 10 bracket for most classes.
  • Turtolsky Mk VI Heavy Sword - two-handed cleave and strike enemies - unlock fairly early for most classes.
  • Turtolsky Mk IX -
  • Turtolsky Mk VII
  • Maccabian MK II Duelling Sword - Swiftstrike, Assassin - Pre-level 10 - Psyker
  • Maccabian MK IV Duelling Sword - Swiftstrike, Assassin - Pre level 10 - Psyker
  • Atrox MK II Tactical Axe - Flurry, Assassin
  • Achlys MK VIII Combat Axe - Strike down, Armor Piercing
  • Rashad MK II Combat Axe - Strikedown, Armor Piercing

The difference between sword MK variations is the attack pattern. The MK 1 heavy attacks only cleave side by side. Meanwhile, the difference between the IV and VII is that they both get a downward strike, and the cleave attack can differentiate between the left and right sides, depending on the model.

Dueling swords are assassin weapons designed to attack quickly and kill enemies quickly with precision hits. Look for enemy weak points to reap the most from this weapon type.

The Heavy Sword is largely a heavy-hitting sword meant to kill big targets in the early leveling process for Vet and Zealots.

The difference between the axes depends on the role. The Tactical Axe is more of a berserk weapon, similar to the likes of the Dueling swords and the Ogryn cleaver. Meanwhile, the other two axes are anti-armour and carapace. There are also slight variations in attack swing patterns, with the Achlys being an AOE spin-around attack, while the Rashad has a much better light attack in comparison. Achlys for the pack control, Rashad for the single target.

Special melee weapons

  • Tigrus MK II Eviscerator - Zealot-only weapon, crowd control, high damage. Unlocks around level 7
  • Cadian Mk IV Chainsword - Around level 15 or so for most classes. Psykers seem to get them around level 20.
  • Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe - Early to mid-level 20 for all classes
  • Obscurus Mk II Blaze Force Sword - Psyker exclusive sword that adds warp damage in exchange for peril. Likely explains why the Chainsword unlock smooch later since this behaves similarly to a chain sword, except uses peril for its special attack.
  • Crucis Mk II Thunder Hammer - Zealot exclusive weapon, seems to unlock around the mid to late 20’s. Very dependent on shop rotation luck.
  • Munitorium MK III Powersword - Cleaving Strike, power weapon - Late 20s for Veteran and Zealot
  • Indignatus - Zealot two handed mace that has heavy crowd control. Added in 1.0.20 patch.

The late-game melee weapons are largely the melee weapons that the Zealot and Veteran will use for their cord control horde, or elite killing melee weapons. These will replace the early-game sword weapons you get. Psykers will largely use the Force Sword for their peril themed damage and brain bust feat buffs, but can use the higher level melee weapons if they want to.

Ogryn Weapons

Pretty much every Ogryn weapon is exclusive to its class. Therefore, we have separated this from the other weapons lists above. A friend of GG’s was playing Ogryn, so we took notes based on weapons the weapons got to the shop. Again, these may be slightly different to other Ogryns and their experiences.

  • Brunt Special“ Mk I Bully Club - basic blunt force weapon available at the start.
  • Kourk Mk IV Cleaver - Early game assassin flurry weapon for the Ogryn. Unlocks around level 5.
  • Brute Brainer Mk III Latrine Shovel - similar bonking the veteran’s shovel around level 5.
  • Bull Butcher Mk III Cleaver - better cleaver, unlocks around level 10.
  • Lorenz Mk V Kickback - shotgun at level 1
  • Foe Rend Mk II Ripper Gun - The earliest form of the ripper gun, unlocks around level 3.
  • Blastom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet - Earlier grenade launcher you can get, unlocks around level 7.
  • Foe Rend Mk V Ripper Gun - Slightly better version of the early game ripper gun. Unlocks around level 12.
  • Lorenz Mk VI Rumbler - Grenade launcher around level 15 or so.
  • Krourk Mk V Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber - Gatling gun around level 20, equipped with pushback, strong damage and ammo capacity and reserves.
  • Foe-Rend Mk VI Ripper Gun - Around level 20
  • Orok Mk II Battle Maul & Mk III Slab Shield -Riot Shield and one-handed club - Unlocks around level 11
  • Power Maul - Added in 1.0.20. Power maul stuns target hits near the first target after empowerment.
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