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Enclavum Baross Scripture Locations in Darktide

Craig Robinson

Enclavum Baross is one of the Throneside maps players can encounter in the game. These are bustling upper-class streets, with archways, random buildings, bridges, markets and more. (It kinda reminds us of London slightly if it was in a Hive City). With the map having many obstacles, directions and other places to hide, it means theres plenty of missed opportunities to overlook Scripture spawns. To help you find these secondary objectives, here is a Enclavum Baross Scripture locations guide for Darktide.

Enclavum Baross Scripture Locations in Darktide

The first thing players need to know is this map has varied spawn points for its three scriptures per level. There’s likely onwards of ten-plus spawns like other maps, so finding all potential spawns can be difficult. Moreso, they can spawn across 4 area of the mission, featuring:

  • Old Shrine Street
  • Overlook
  • Upper Savant
  • The Link

Considering there’s three scriptures that may spawn across four zones, it does make it tricky to track. We have found a few that can help get you started, but we are aware of missing spawns. This map rarely pops up for us, so we have only been on the map a handful of times. Also be advised since there’s three scripture spawns across four zones, there is some logic to determining when you can expect to encounter some scripture spawns as you progress the level (but there’s no guarantees).

Old Shine Street

Old Shrine Street is the are of the map you enter after the first building you engage in combat with with the red carpet. Once you depart the red carpet-long room, jump through the windows, you will enter the actual Shine Street. The only Scripture we have found so far is in the archway under the bridge in the back corner of the map. It’s found in a dark spot in the tunnel that you can pick up.

(1 of 1) When you enter Old Shrine Street, look to the far right side of the street, and enter the tunnel under the viaduct to check for a scripture spawn inside the tunnels.


The Overlook is the section that players head to before they repair the Skylink Bridge. The area encases the street level directly under the bridge, and the bridge itself. Note it is split in two parts, as the bridge objective will allow you to enter the other half of the map. From our experience, there is typically one scripture spawn on the first half of it if no scripture spawned in Old Shine Street. There seems to be a guaranteed spawn on the other side of the bridge in the market area of the Overlook from our personal experience.

One of the scriptures may be found towards the right of the street as you enter the overlook behind a barricade. The barricade is directly opposite the stairs to the bridge on the right if you’re looking directly at the bridge’s main stairway.

On the other side of the bridge, there’s a few spawns players can find in the market area. One spawns towards the back left of the street, while another may spawn in the middle of the market area.

(1 of 3) When you arrive in the Overllook before activating the bridge,. turn right towards the right set of stairs and grimoire spawn behind the barricade.

Upper Savant

When you fully ascend the stairs leaving out of the second half of the Overlook, you will arrive at the Upper Savant. This is a large area of the map, which spans quite a few open areas, buildings and dirt pathways under pathways. We have only found one so far, which is opposite the right entrance to the Savant in a dark corner with its own entrance.

(1 of 1) Head to the furthest right pathway at the start of the Savant and head towards the dark room in the corner for another potential scripture spawn.

The Link

The link is an open area of the map, which you visit right before the final Aegis Station objective. So far, we have only found one scripture, with the location of it near the tall building to the right of the center of the link. You will find it behind a bench and the metal fence you can use as cover.

You can find one Scripture in the Link part of the level, near this bench on the right side of the street behind this bench.

The scriptures here only seems to spawn if you are 2/3 before entering this location. So if you’re missing one, make sure to check around here for spawns, as its the final attempt to do so.

We will update the guide as and when we manage to screenshot more scripture locations. If you have any advice so the player base can help each other figure these spawns out, feel free to log into the site and leave a comment with hints.


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