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Darktide Unyielding Enemies Explained

Craig Robinson

The Unyielding enemy is another enemy type keyword found in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. The keyword crosses a range of specialist and elite-type enemies, commonly found as Ogryn-type enemies you come across. This Darktide Unyielding Guide will reveal what the Darktide Unyielding enemies, are, along with tips and tricks for the Unyielding weapon bonuses and other gameplay factors.

Here is a closer look at Unyielding Enemies, and tips and tricks on using Unyielding weapon stats.

Darktide Unyielding Enemy Type Explained

The Unyielding enemies are all considered the Ogryn enemy types. These consist of the Reaper Bulwark and Crusher enemies. The two main bosses in the game are all considered Unyielding enemies: the Plague Ogryn and Beat of Nurgle.

It’s also worth stating that most Ogryn enemies wear carapace armor. This is another keyword to monitor, as Carapace is the toughest armor to get through in the game. Meanwhile, unyielding refers to the toughness of the skin, making it the strongest of the toughness in the game.

For example, a Crushers are technically Unyielding enemies. Still, because their entire body is covered in Carapace armor, you will need to have anti armor, or weapons with Carapace damage bonuses to deal more damage than you normally would to them.

As for the other enemies, hitting areas of their skin accounts as Unyielding, and therefore, it benefits from any Unyielding damage bonus your weapon’s may have However, be even the Bulwark and reaper have areas protected by Carapace armor, so depending on where you hit, you may connect with Carapace areas, which ignores your Unyielding damage houses. We recommend looking at the diagrams of enemy body parts submitted on Reddit for reference.

If you want to see what it looks like in-game, head to the Meat Grinder in the Psykhanium, and hit the Ogryn enemies you see. You will notice the labels above the health bar change between Carapace and Unyielding, depending on how and where you hit the dummy enemies.

So, is taking weapons with Unyielding damage worth it? The answer to that is yes. If you have a weapon designed for beating down specials, it is certainly worth it. This could be on your Boltgun for boss damage, Thunder Hammer, Force Sword, or perhaps even an Achlys axe. It’s also very good on a Zealot Preacher, thanks to their guaranteed crit with their ability bursting one of the toughest enemies to kill in the game.

However, be aware that focusing on this bonus damage against that unit type means you will lack damage against other specialists, such as Maniacs. There’s certainly a balancing pact with covering damage buffs against enemy types. Therefore, you will naturally collect various damage buffs on weapons, and organize in very well-coordinated pre-made groups when you enter the hardest maps and difficulties who counters what enemy type.


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