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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Darktide Frenzied Killer Penance Guide

Craig Robinson

The Frenzied Killer Penance is an interesting challenge for players looking to wrack up those laurels on their account. The challenge for this penance comes in several stages, with players looking to grab several killing sprees quickly. Luckly, we have suggestions on potential builds, weapons, conditions and map strategies to make it easier to acquire.

Here is a guide on how to get the Frenzied Killer Penance in Darktide.

How to complete Frenzied Killer Penance

Note that there are three different tiers of Frenzied Killer, with the first challenge offering players to get 60 kills in 30 seconds, followed by 90, and 120 kills in 30 seconds. What this is essentially saying is you need to kill a lot of horde-related enemies in a very short space of time.

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Frenzied Killer

Kill 90 enemies in less than 30 seconds.

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Using our method, you can get all three simultaneously, as we did. The strategy we recommend is a horde-clearing weapon, and to play on the Smelter Complex HL17-36. This level requires players to make it to the lava area of the map, and repair the smelter complex by taking care of Corrupters and dealing with the horde.

The trick to Smelter Complex is to get to the end of the level and deal with the Corrupters. Once they are dealt with and you get the facility operating as normal, you have to clear the area out. Typically, players run towards the final gate where you escape the level from and hold that position until the mission criteria is done. You will want to do this, and have your party hold the stairs. The other good thing about this is that hordes are constantly on the run towards your locations, even more so if Endless Horde’s condition is on. Here, players can get the opportunity to slay plenty of horde enemies, which is easy to do if you have a great horde-clearing weapon. Moreso, the enemies tend to funnel through one of three directions, making them compacted, and easier to clear through regardless of your chosen horde-clearing weapon.

Recommended builds and weapons to do this

As for the weapons you want to use, we recommend the following tools:

  • Purgatus Staff (Psyker only).
  • Devil Claw MK II Heavy attack cleave side to side, making it good for clobbering heads off with one heavy attack. (everyone except Ogryn).
  • Ripper Gun or Twin Stubber (Ogryn only)
  • Flamer (Zealot).
  • Recon Lasgun (or other decent damage and high magazine count lasgun) and Volley Fire (Veteran).

In terms of your build, there are a fee things you can do to make it easier. The Psyker can use feats like the Ascendant Blaze, which adds more Soulblaze stacks to enemies hit by or in the direction of your Psykinetic Blast, when topped with your Purgatus stacks, most enemies will die very quickly with this. Likewise, you can get Kinetic Flayer, Inner Tranquility and Psychic Communion, which make it easier to get Warp Charge stacks, and reduces peril based on warp charge. This allows you to keep your peril as low as possible, and add extra damage to your flame thrower.

As for the Ogryn, you don’t necessarily need any special tools. A good ripper gun, o Twin Stubber is more than enough to get it against hordes coming your way. You can potentially opt for the feat that causes your grenade box to drop explosives as its possible get get extra cleave into packs using this as long as your ammo box hits the right specialist to activate it.

Meanwhile, Veterans can get their hands on Demolition Expert and Demolition Team to get more chances of having grenades for this section of the fight. These are good ideas, as grenades can make great horde-killing tools. Combine that with your easy-to-hit accuracy, and high damage during volley fire, and you can do some pretty strong damage, mowing through the hordes.

Lastly, the Zealot. Your flamer should be good enough to melt through enemies, but you can also use a flurry and cleave heavy melee weapon to do the job. The Fury of the Faithful feat at level 30 grants attack speed after using Chastise, and you can also get feats like Rising Conviction to easily get your DPS up to make the challenge easier for melee attacks. Thy Wrath be Swift at level 20 is also a great shout because it removes your stun chance, and grant movement speed when hit, so you can easily move between horde to horde for better chances of getting the Penance completed.

Remember, this challenge requires players to use this spot under the Endless Horde situation. So, remember to check the condition requirement and then try to do this challenge. There are likely other areas of the game where the challenge is possible, but we know this works for sure.

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