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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Darktide Soulblaze Themed Build for the Psyker

Craig Robinson

The Soulblaze mechanic in Darktide is a feature that the Psyker can utilize to spread fiery damage to enemies. It’s one of the possible build scenarios that the Psyker can do too, playing a mixture of a horde and specialist destroying role for the team. Here is a closer look at the Soulblaze mechanism, including a build you can use to create a horde and specialist eating fire spreading build.

Enemies affected with Soulblaze will burn with a ghostly white and blue burning effect, taking damage periodically until the stacks burn out.

Darktide Soulblaze build for the Psyker

The Soulblaze mechanic in Darktide is simply a fire debuff that can spread to enemies. This will periodically burn enemies, with a white fire-looking effect, compared to the regular burns from Flamers and other weapons. However, it operates similarly, just with a different cosmetic appearance.

The other thing you need to know is that the Soulblaze mechanic in Darktide also has synergy with the Psyker’s feats. It means you can make builds around the Psyker’s Soulblaze feature, which aim to bolster your Warp Charge generation and damage.

The feats you need to look at for the build include the following Feats

Feat Description Level Unlocked
Wreck and Ruin Killing an Elite or Specialist with Brain Bust applies two stacks of Soulblaze to all enemies within 3 meters of the target. Level 10
Kinetic Overload While you have maximum Warp Charges, gaining a Warp Charge instead applies four stacks of Soulblaze to a nearby enemy, prioritizing Elite enemies. Level 25
Ascendent Blaze Psykinetic’s Wrath expends all Warp Charges and Applies Stacks of Soulblaze to enemies hit based on the number of Warp Charges expended. Enemies killed by your Soulblaze effect (from any source have a 10% chance to grant to a Warp Charge.) Level 30

As for the other talent spots, they are largely flavor. The six stacks of Warch Charge are very good for spreading even more Soulfire charges, so that’s a highly sought for synergy feat for this build. As for the other, two, its largely personal options for qealing peril and restoring toughness

Darktide Soulfire Build Tips and Strategy

This build is all about finding ways to spread your Soulblaze easily. The main method is using the brain bust to build up to max stacks of your Warp Charge, whether 4 or 6, thanks to the build talent options. You spend them all using your Ability and spread fire onto hordes. You can also spread it by killing specialists and elites in hordes to get even more stacks spread. With enough stack on big enemies, specialists, and elite, you will find that mobs melt rather rapidly, especially on the harder difficulties.

Be aware that build only begins to feel somewhat useful from Malice onwards, and requires level 30 before you can see how good it is. The base version of Soulblaze without the three Soulblaze feats means the build will hardly work. A few small stacks of Soulblaze mean that players will see the full extent of melting hordes once they rhea the level cap with the class.

It also means you have to play a little differently, too. The result of is you will need to wait for many enemies to bear near elites; otherwise, the Soulblaze spread will not work. You will also need to prepare your stacks the best you can before unleashing your Blast ability onto enemies. The result is it can be an awkward playstyle, and it’s also not great if a boss spawns and isn’t near a horde. It’s also not fantastic on assassination missions, as the elevator rides to the boss will typically time your Warp Siphon stacks out. These a re a few issues to be careful of, but rest assured, you can adapt your playstyle most of the time to offset these issues.

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