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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

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Darktide Excise Vault Spireside-13 Scripture Locations

Craig Robinson

Darktide’s Excise Vault Spireside 13 mission is one of the many maps in Darktide that players can encounter. Players can get secondary objectives on this map, such as finding scripture locations for some bonus XP, Dockets, or if you have the weekly missions to complete secondary objectives on this map, or get scriptures in general. No matter what you’re gunning for, we are here to provide as much information on finding as many Excise Vault Spireside 13 Scripture locations as possible.

Darktide Excise Vault Spireside-13 Scripture Locations

Like any map in the game, the spawns for the scriptures are entirely random every time you enter the level. However, there do appear to be a set number of spawns, likely around the 12 figure. However, the exact number is difficult to determine thanks to RNG of the spawns, although we have managed to find quite a few of them that should make it easier to track in your own games.

Also, keep into account that scriptures tend to spawn in one of three areas that we have listed below. However, that’s not a guaranteed rule, and players can find multiple in the same area of the map. So, we still advise checking most of these locations. The Excise Vault Spireside scripture locations in Darktide are as follows:

The Strat Scriptures

(1 of 2) The first one is down this corridor in the very first area of the map you can enter combat with.

The Strat is the starting area of the map when you drop into the area combat starts. There’s a possibility these scriptures may spawn around the sandy area with the circular dome, so check the side rooms for some. Moreso, there’s also the chance of spawns in the meal building you proceed through. Some may spawn under the ladder in the room to the right of the first major hostile building you enter. There’s also many off-the-beaten-path spots in the wider part of the building to check too.

Bulk Lift 32

Several scriptures spawn around the Bulk Lift 32, where you proceed to the cargo elevator. The first one we have found is in the room behind the first drop-down you do to enter the area on an indoor balcony overlooking an enclosed dirt path. Another can be found in the main outdoor area of the Bulk Lift towards the right once you make it to the ground, and then final one on a shelf in a small room before the drop-down into the next phase for the Cypher Ident defense objective.

(1 of 3) Drop down into the Bulk Elevator section of the map, go down the stairs, and then enter the room in the wall behind you. Go to the back right of the room to a new doorway, and a scripture may spawn on that balcony.

Hourglass Field

(1 of 3) Head outside the second hanger door in the first hanger bay you enter, as a scripture may spawn behind the container in the dust.

Hourglass Field is the main area where players navigate through the hangers. There are at least three spawns we are aware of, with one spawning outside behind a container on the second hanger door in the first bay, another one in a room to the right as you ascend the catwalks in the second hanger bay, and the final one on the drop-down to the next catwalk in the other hanger bay.

These three areas are where we have typically found 3/3, but we are aware there’s likely a few spawns we have missed. If you happen to know of any spawns we have not mentioned, feel free to leave a link to the screenshot or let us know in the comments below.

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