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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

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Darktide Maniacs Enemy Type Explained

Craig Robinson

Maniacs are another form of an enemy in Darktide, ranging from a mixture of specialists from both the Dregs and the Scabs factions. Spotting the difference between maniac specialists in the game is important thanks to their being a weapon damage buff keyword that offers players better chances at killing enemies with the weapons designed to kill Maniacs. Here is everything you need to know about Darktide’s Maniacs enemy type, and tips on them too.

Here is a closer look at the Maniac enemy type in Darktide, and tips on using the Maniac damage bonus effectively.

Darktide Maniacs Enemy Type Explained

The Maniacs in Darktide are the enemies that look or sound like maniacs. These enemies are your standard Mutant, Flamer, and Trapper enemy, especially the Dreg versions of these enemies, thanks to their distinct lack of armor profile, compared to Scab equivalents. The result is that players will deal more damage to these enemies if their weapon has more damage to Maniacs.

This is one of the subset of the specialists in the game. There are specialist rule classifications for Infested, Flak Armor, Unyielding, and Carapace enemies. So, if you get a weapon modification that counters Maniacs, then be aware that you will damage some of the more annoying enemy types.

This is one of the better anti-specialist conditions you can get on your weapons. Flamers are particularly annoying to play against thanks to their zone of control, and very high sustained damage if you get hit by them. Meanwhile, Mutants feel like they are very persistent in their games, and are constantly changing players down. Trappers are also a notable pain to handle.

Ideally, this is a better weapon buff to have on ranged weaponry. This is because melee players are much easier to trap, as well as fling around the room by Mutants. Also, picking off Tox Flamers are incredibly good because they tend to set up at medium ranges and unleash torrents, so you can control when to pick them off much easier with ranged weaponry.

If you’re a Veteran Guardsman, then this is worthwhile picking up on a Lasgun or even your Bolter. Zealot players will also enjoy this on their Braced Autogun or their Bolter too. It’s also possible for Zealots to have it on their melee weapon too, but Carapace or Unyielding buffs are much better on them thanks to their big crit bonus, which makes bursting even the toughest enemies and bosses better. Overall, it’s toss up between countering Unyielding enemies, Carapace armor, or Maniacs. Going for any of the three are fine and will be very valuable to bring to any group from difficulty level three or higher.

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