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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Magistrati Oubliette Scripture and Grimoire Locations in Darktide

Craig Robinson

The Magistrati Oubliette is one of the Darktide missions, in which players can find Scriptures and Grimoires on. Like most maps, there are onwards of 12 Scriptures and Grimoire spawns, which appear at random. To make it easier to find, we have created a list of documented Magistrati Scripture and Grimoire locations in Darktide to help find them easier.

Be aware that we have yet to managed to document all the Scripture and Grimoire locations of this level, thanks to the RNG. However, we have most of them. This document is a work in progress, and we will update as necessary. If you’re aware of a scripture or a grimmy location we are unaware of, feel free to offer clues in the comments below so we can update it as necessary.

Masgistrati Oubliette TM8-707 Scripture and Grimoire Locations in Darktide

Unlike other missions, there are four main phases in which players can encounter the scripture spawns. These are the Maintenance Tunnels, The Sink, Caustic Street, and the bench. We have broken up our screenshots to reflect each of these areas of the missions, which you can encounter potential Scripture and Grimoire locations in Darktide.

Maintenance Tunnels Scripture and Grimoires

The maintenance tunnels section of the map begins when players enter the dirty sewery gate area off the map, and lasts until they cross the bridge to the metal platforms with the ascender. Throughout this area, there are a few potential spawn points for Grimoires and Scriptures that are worth checking out just to be safe.

(1 of 3) You can find the first scripture spawn in the sewerage area to the top right of the first major room filled with enemies. Check here before following the path to the next sewer area.

The first area of the map you can find Grimoires and Scriptures is during the sewer access tunnels area. These can appear in the first set of dirty spots in the dark that you wouldn’t necessarily travel by. There’s also a Grimoire and Scripture spawn under the catwalk bridge as you exit through one of the pipes. These are the main spawn locations you can expect to encounter.

The Sink Scriptures and Grimoires

The Sink is the phase of the level where players cross a bridge from the sewer area towards the metal platform. There’s two floors to this area, where players clear out denizens on the bottom floor, and get the chance to heal from the medication station on it. In addition, there’s a floor above, where players play the waiting game to get the Ascender to access Caustic Street.

(1 of 2) One of the Grimoires may spawn behind the pillar I am looking at on the floor below the Ascender objective.

The sink is one of the areas where players can encounter scriptures, but we often find that these are the more common Grimoire locations. These can appear behind the pillars , and in the distant corners of the Sink’s bottom floor below the ascender section of this area. There are also some shared Grimoire and scripture spawns in this map section. We have also seen a Grimoire spawn at the back of the cage of the Ascender you can pick up before activating the Ascender, but we’ve not managed to photograph it ourselves.

Caustic Street Scriptures and Grimoires

The Casutic Street area of the map takes place when you climb up the Ascender and make your way into the street area after the ledge drop offs near the medication station. When you drop down, you have a path to the right, and a path to the left. Both can lead you to Scriptures and Grimoires. The area comes to an end when you make it into the main big building at the end the street guarded by the bunkers.

(1 of 4) One of the Scriptures may spawn in one of the side streets of Caustic street on this wheelbarrow cart thing. This is down the road from the bunker area.

When you reach the Caustic Street part of the map, there are several possible scripture and Grimoire spawns in the small corridors at the top of the main road. Check the side streets, as you can find book spawn locations along the floor. Moreso, occasional Grimoire and Scripture spawn in the bunkers guard the actual Oubliette complex.

The Bench Scriptures and Grimoires

The Bench part of the map is the area starting from the top floor of the main building you enter at Caustic Street, all the way to the doors you open to the final sub area of the map. Expect to find plenty of possible spawn locations around the pew area, before you start fighting the oubliette prisoner area.

(1 of 4) One of the Scriptures in this location can be found on the ledge before dropping down into the Pew area, slightly to the left of the medication station near the drop.

The bench are is the section of the map where players enter the cathedral-like area of the map. Be careful about rushing down into the cathedral section from the medication station, as one spawn is found on the left side of the medication station. As for the rest, you can find them on the pews towards the back of the map, and there are some spawn points in a room towards the top right of the pew area if you’re looking forward and just jumped down from the medication station.

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