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How to Get The Zealot Thunder Hammer in Darktide

Craig Robinson

The Zealot’s Thunder Hammer is the class’ iconic signature melee weapon. It is a giant heavy Warhammer, equipped with a devastating magic lightning attack too. It’s a very iconic and cool weapon, and it’s no wonder why the Zealots are looking into how to get the Zealot Thunder Hammer in Darktide. The trick to that is grinding.

Here is how to get the Zealot's Thunder Hammer in Darktide. Image via Fatshark.

How to get Zealot’s Thunder Hammer in Darktide

The only way you can get your hands on the Thunder Hammer in Darktide is by grinding the leveling system. Players need to reach the mid to late 20’s level bracket before getting access to the weapon. Once you reach that level range of 25-30, it should start appearing in various markets.

It is noted that that the Warhammer appears to be a fairly rare rotation in the shop. The way the stores, both Requisitortium and the regular armory store, works is by refreshing at certain times each day. The loot it pulls has a chance to contain weapons from all the weapons your class can equip. This means Zealots can get the Thunder Hammer, along with the Eviscerator, Flamer and other weapons shared across classes. It is fairly possible to go several rotations without ever seeing the Zealot’s Thunder Hammer pop up. And some Zealots have reported that it didn’t appear until they are maxed level, thanks to the Store’s RNG.

When you get your hands on the weapon, you’ll find its heavy two-handed nature makes for a great anti-Carapace weapon with its special and heavy attacks. It’s not the best horde destroyer in the game, but that doesn’t matter too much. It’s the perfect weapon for players starting to push Malice and higher difficulties, taking on the armoured elites and specials that constantly appear at those levels. If you care more about horde slaying, then you may want to look at the flamer, or look for better Eviscerators instead. But, if you need to pop elites and other armoured baddies, the grind is certainly going to pay off.


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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is a coop horde shooter, created by Fatshark, the developer and self publishing stdio behind the Vermentide series. In this game, players head to the 41st millennium, using a mixture of Vermentide’s excellent melee combat, with added ranged focus, along with the thematics and threat from the 40k franchise where there is only war.

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