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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Darktide Infested Enemies Explained

Craig Robinson

Infested enemies in Darktide are a category of enemies you will encounter in every game of Darktide. These enemies are a theme of unit, rather than an interesting keyword of a specific enemy type. Here is everything you need to know about Infested enemies in Darktide.

Here is a look at the Darktide Infested Enemies and other useful needs to know.

Infested Enemies in Darktide Explained

The Infested Enemies in Darktide is largely a broad keyword in-game. Infested enemies range from lots of characters, such as the basic hordes, to specialists as well. The most common form of Infested enemy is the Pox Walker. This enemy is very infested, with the signs of demonic influence appearing from their shambling bodies, such as horns, tentacles and other non-human-like aspects. They also explode with maggots in their body, too.

Moreso, there are infested specialists, too, with the examples of the Pox Burster and the Plague Hound being the two main Infested specialist enemies in the game.

The common theme between the infested enemies in Darktide is that they all apply corruption to you. Infested Pox Walkers will bleed their damage through your toughness, and apply even more when your toughness is down. Meanwhile, Plague Hounds chomping on you for some time will start deleting your wounds with Corruption. Pox Busters will also burst down your Toughness, and lots of your health, followed by a large dose of corruption.

One of the other similarities between the infested enemies is that they tend to have little to no armor or toughness. Pox Walkers will drop if you hit them in their weak points. Meanwhile, Pox Bursters and Plague Hounds tend to have much higher HP, but, once again, have no real armor or toughness modifiers. These enemies are easy to kill, and will likely die to a Brain Bust from a Psyker, or two rounds from a Bolter, for example. However. The risk is that these enemies are fast, and you should ideally stagger them or kill them at the range before they can cause serious health risks or disrupt your team.

The other important thing to note is that there are damage modifiers you can get on your guns and melee weapons. The Infested damage bonus will apply to all three of these enemy types. Horde-controlling weapons with anti-Infested will delete hordes of Pox Walkers before they can hit you or your allies. Meanwhile, specialist and elite killing weapons can also nuke hounds and bursters before they have a chance to be effective.

If you get a weapon that has Infested bonus stats to your weapons, then it is very handy. Though know that it’s not a necessary feature, as knockback, ranged stagger, burst and sustained ranged damage, and general melee cleave are all naturally effective against Infested enemies. The only time you need this is on a horde control weapon, especially if you’re on the hardest difficulties, and your weapon is one of the designated horde slayers or horde crowd controlling weapons, such as flamers, Psyker staffs, or even Ogryn ranged and slab shields. Other than that, Infested bonuses are irrelevant outside those parameters.

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