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Veteran Sharpshooter Weapons List in Darktide

Craig Robinson

The Veteran Sharpshooter is the go-to gun-wielding mad head, featuring a variety of guns and melee tools. The Veteran’s theme is to use various ranged weapons, each fitting to destroy the task at hand. While you level up, you’ll get your hands on various guns, with more and more versions of these weapons gradually appearing over time. Here is a closer look at Darktide’s Veteran Sharpshooter weapons list, including an idea of what the weapons are all about and when you can expect to unlock them.

Here is a look at the Veteran Sharpshooter weapons list in Darktide, and what you can expect from them.

Darktide Veteran Sharpshooter weapons list

Note that this Veteran weapons list can be inaccurate. The weapons in the game somehow unlock at different levels for different people. This is largely thanks to luck from the Emperor’s Gift feature and the randomness of the store rotations. Some people may find they get weapons really quickly, while others may be a few levels higher before they first appear. Some players even report getting to level 30 on the guardsman and not seeing the plasma weapon once. It’s something to account for, and this list is only advisory, rather than a 100% accurate list.

Melee weapons

  • Standard-Issue Munitorium Sapper Shovel - Level 1
  • Catachan MK 1 Devil Calw Sword - Level 2 (can get as soon as the shop opens)
  • Catachan MK III Combat Blade - Level 5 (first appeared to us as a green drop via the Emperor’s Gift)
  • Rashad MK II Combat Axe - Level 5 - appeared as a grey-quality weapon.
  • Antax MK V Combat Axe - Level 6 (first appeared in the store for us around level 6)
  • Catachan MK IV Devil Claw - Around level 10, similar to other classes’ unlock rate.
  • Cainsword - Report it appears as early as level 14 from people in the official Darktiode Discord.
  • Munitorum Mk III Power Sword - Around level 18, in line with other big power spike levels for certain class weapons, like the Psyker’s staff variations.
  • Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe - Typically appears around the 20-22 mark.

The melee weapons are largely broken down into the following. Crowd, control, horde slaying, anti armor, or big burst weapons. The anti-armor is your typical chain weapon and the anti-armor axes heavy or special attacks. Meanwhile, your combat sword is more crowd control, thanks to wide cleaving arcs or their knockback and stagger effects. These weapons typically pick up and fight off the weaknesses that your ranged weapon has. For example, sniper burst kill rifle will make a good paring with a Devil Claw. Whereas, an autogun will likely need a big burst melee weapon like the chain axe for when elites push you and you need to reload.

Ranged Weapons

  • Kantrael MG la Infantry Lasgun - Level 1
  • Kantrael MG IV Infantry Lasgun - Level 2 when the shop opens up
  • Accatran MG MK II Heavy Laspistol -Level 5
  • Kantrael MG XII infantry Lasgun.
  • Lus MK III Shredder Auto pistol - appeared in the shop for us around level 6
  • Gaia MK VIII infantry Autogun - Level 6
  • Lucius Helbore MK II Lasgun - Level 8
  • Columnus MK II Braced Autogun - Level 11
  • Lawbringer Mark VI Combat Shotgun level 13
  • Vraks MK VII Headhunter Autgon - Burst fire autogun around level 14.
  • Accatran Mk II Recon Lasgun - around level 20, similar to the Psyker’s unlock level.
  • Locke Mk IIb Spearhead Boltgun - 20 based on this and the Zealot unlock ranges.
  • M35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma Gun - Around level 25, in line with some of the final big unlocks for other classes, like the fire staff and the thunder hammer.

The main difference between the Autoguns and the Lasguns are largely style. Some weapons may have more recoil, others with better fire rates for less damage and more. Most players argue between the la rifle being better at higher levels, while others argue the MK IV lasgun is better. It largely seems to be a preference thing of how you like mowing the hordes or specialists down.

The Recon Lasgun is the strangest of the lot, thanks to its unique unlock range. The Recon Lasgun is essentially an LMG with no recoil, albeit it has low damage for its ammo consumption rate and other benefits. Veteran players should test each Lasgun and Autogun out when they can, and test them out themselves to see what weapons they prefer.

The other standout Lasgun is the Helborne, as this is essentially a charged sniper rifle. There’s also the marksman burst Vrakks autogun that severe a similar precision burst-based play style.

If you notice we got anything wrong, or you have more details to add to the list, feel free to let us know in the comments section.


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