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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Dartkide Corrupter Guide for Something Strange in Your Eye

Craig Robinson

The Corrupter in Darktide is a unique enemy that only appears on certain levels. One of the levels in question is the Silo Cluster level, where you have to clear the water supply, but Nurgle is spreading through the water. It also appears in some of the other missions in the game, such as the HL17-36 Smelter Complex, on the mission where you need reactive the machine spirit. It’s largely just an objective on these maps you need to overcome, but for some, there are specific challenges and achievements you need.

Here’s a closer look at the Darktide Corrupter enemy and the Ogryn Penance Achievement.

For the most part, players deliberately hunting down the Corrupter in Darktide are likely after Penance. The Ogryn Skull Breaker’s “Something in Your Eye” Penance is one such example. You will need to head to one of the maps the Corrupter spawns on, and then get to that stage of the mission. Once the eye reveals itself, you can throw your grenade box at the eye and proceed to one shot at the eyeball. Doing so will award you the ten laurels for achieving the achievement, along with some fancy garbs for your Ogryn.

Remember, you need to take out the tentacle latches first before the Corrupter’s eye reveals itself, and its carapace body too. It’s also worth mentioning to be quick about it, as your matchmade lobbies will likely result in other players bursting it down if you’re not ready with your grenade box as soon as the eye appears.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is a tactic you can use to speed up these missions. Once one of the Corrupter eyeballs reveals itself, get your Ogryn to throw its grenade box at the eye to speed the process up. It’s a general trick for taking on harder levels when you can speed the process up and deal with fewer enemies.

This concludes the basics of the Darktide Corrupter enemy, and how to get the Something Strange in Your Eye. Good luck, achievement hunter.

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