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All Psyker Weapons in Darktide

Craig Robinson

The Psyker is the support-mage class in Darktide, fitted with some incredible elite and specialist slaying skills, while offering some solid horde management with its various staff and ability features. While most of its unique weapons offer the character all the tools its needs to control hordes and protect allies and pop elites. It also comes with similar weapons to that of the Zealot and Veteran if you fancied murdering heretics with good old-fashioned Militarum gear. Here is a look at the Psyker’s weapons in Darktide, including info on some of the weapon types and when you can expect to unlock them.

Here is a look at what weapons the Psykers get in Darktide. Image via Fatshark.

Psyker weapons in Darktide

Here is a closer look at the Psyker’s unique weapon in Darktide. In total, there are four unique ranged weapons along with one unique sword. These weapons are:

  • Equinox MK IV Voidstrike Force Staff - Fireball with a void theme - Available around level 15.
  • Nomanus MK VI Surge Force Staff - Lightning Staff - Unlocks around level 20.
  • Equinox MK III Trauma Force Staff - Ground explosion Staff - Unlocks around level 13 .
  • Rifthaven Mk II Purgatus Force Staff - Flamer Staff - Unlocks around level 25.
  • Obscurus MK II Blaze Force Sword - One-handed sword that can use peril to add magical attacks that penetrate armor. Unlocks around level 7.

The four staves add various flavor to the class. The first two are your large DPS horde killing machines, while the Purgatus and Surge Staff add horde control through lightning stuns or flame-based damage over time. It is largely preference which one you prefer, but be aware that each one has strengths and weaknesses and different peril consumption.

Lastly, there is only one special sword at the moment, which you can take to add powerful melee hits. It essentially operates similarly to a one-handed chainsword, which unlocks much alter for most other classes, albeit, its special attack uses around 20% peril. It’s a solid weapon to take when fighting Carapace armored enemies, and benefits from your force weapon feat buffs.

Outside of that, the Psyker gets access to some of the more generalized weapons in the game, such as Lasguns, pistols, rifles, axes, and swords.

Melee weapons:

  • Catachan MK 1 Devil Claw -Level 1 cleave weapon
  • Maccabian MK II dueling Sword - level 2 assassin melee weapon.
  • Rashad Combat Axe - Anti armor axe around level 4
  • Achlys MK VIII Combat Axe - anti armor axe with a different heavy attack around level 8
  • Catachan MK IV Devil Claw - Around level 10. Its heavy attacks add a downward strike, and swing to the side once. The downward strike makes it good against armored opponents who have exposed weakpoints in their arms, or good for targeting bosses whose weak points are fairly high up.
  • Catachan MK III Combat Blade - Dagger assassin weapon that unlocks around level 10. High mobility and fast attacks. Good to run away from hordes and other biggies.
  • Maccabian MK V Dueling Sword - Level 13 is upgrade to the previous duelling sword.
  • Catachan MK VII Devil Claw - Around level 15. This weapon is the same as IV, but it swings the other way around compared to the IV.
  • Cadia MK IV assault Chainsword - The chainsword weapon the other two human-sized characters get around level 24-27.

Ranged Weapons:

  • Heavy Laspistol - Level 1
  • MK III Shredder Autopistol - Level 2 ish SMG machine pistol type weapon.
  • Agripinaa NK 1 infantry Autogun. - Precise long-range weapon with poor recoil around level 2.
  • Zarona MK IIa Quickdraw Stub - Around level 8. Provides a decent armor pen and horde pen when enemies funnel into small columns or lines.
  • Graia Mk III Infantry Auto Gun - Low ammo count rifle with poor recoil. Supposed to be a precision weapon that you get better with level and random stats. Unlocks around level 8
  • Kantrael Infantry Autogun - Unlocks around level 10. Plays more like a regular assault rifle from our experience with a decent fire rate and ammo reserve.
  • Vraks MK III - Precision burst fire autogun with slight recoil - unlocks around level 18 or so.
  • Scout Lasgun - High fire rate, no recoil high ammo capacity lasgun that unlocks around level 20. Other Psykers have mentioned they have got other lasguns, but from personal experience, this was the only one we stumbled across.

The role of the weapons is largely to offer some varied playstyles for the Psyker. The melee weapons are largely to fill in gaps, whether you need some versatility while you’re leveling up, anti-horde and protection, or big enemy buster. The ranged weapons also do the same, with some low ammo count weapons being good for popping enemies while your brain-bust peril is high, or for mowing hordes down with higher capacity weapons or rate of fire weapons . However, the main pay is to use Staves largely thanks to the stave and brain buster feats. Though it is possible to run heavy ranged weapons for beating enemies that you use while you manage peril and reap the rewards of high damage buffs through your class ability kills.

We will update this Psyker weapon list when we have more accurate information about the weapons in the game. The nature of the shop RNG and the Emperor’s gift makes it hard to determine when exactly you can get which items. If you have information to share, feel free to let us know in the comments section!


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